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ImmoManager offers you plus 3.74 object management and presentation from a single source.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013

ImmoManager Plus

ImmoManager is a software that is equally suitable for beginners and professionals in the real estate sector plus 3.74. The program offers you the opportunity for the analysis and management of real estate on a surface. ImmoManager plus 3.74 consists of several modules, which you can use to plan also the object management, valuation and financing of individual objects and fashion. The real estate market is highly competitive. It is even more important to give a uniform face the real estate exposés. This is one of the functions, the ImmoManager plus 3.74 for you done. You set the parameters and create an exposé that can impress your customers. At the same time, you can print out all the necessary forms for the mediation of real estate.

ImmoManager allows you to but also the hands-on managing your entire real estate portfolio plus 3.74. You can also carry out the often necessary for a funding valuation of the object. In addition, ImmoManager puts you plus 3.74 in the position to provide the information directly to the Internet to appropriately increase the chances. Additional modules in ImmoManager plus 3.74 allow you to create detailed buyer and seller accounts. The ImmoManager plus 3.74 within a very short time gives you also accounts for your employees. The ImmoManager plus 3.74 is also a good instrument in helping to plan and perform certain promotions.

While working with the program is very simple. In the area of "Control", you enter all relevant data to the real estate. In the style of a Web page design, you know it of course the pages with your logo and your contact information. The ImmoManager plus 3.74 in a separate database manages your customers. On the input side, all modules are arranged visually appealing. Simply click, and you're in the right area. In the "Caption" window, you specify your logo as well as the colour design of your lettering. In the "Object management" you find all relevant data for the property. You can download the ImmoManager plus 3.74 directly from this page. Just click on the download button and follow the instructions.

The functions of the ImmoManager plus 3.74

• Generate logo and lettering
• Customer and object database
• Creation of exposés
• Object management
• Valuation of individual objects
• Create reports

System requirements and download

The ImmoManager plus 3.74 is designed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. The download size is 76.8 megabytes. The program is available as shareware for download.

Description of the version: ImmoManager Plus

Around your real estate commissions, you will find even more important analysis, acquisition, form - and management tools in this version. In addition, the version has new interesting tools which you can use to calculate a real estate valuation, for example, or your personal financial planning. You can upload your created exposés simply mouse click directly on the Internet. This version is suitable not only for experienced real estate agents, but also for business start-ups in the real estate industry.

Overview of the functions of the version of ImmoManager

• Tools for the analysis, acquisition, management, forms, etc.
• Easy creation of Exposé and then upload it to the Internet
• Many different tools around the real estate brokerage

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