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The image resizer PowerToy clone can easily adapted to you image file sizes.



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Image Resizer Powertoy Clone

Adjusting the size of image files with Image Resizer PowerToy clone is a task only a few seconds. If you are interested for photo editing, there is no way passes this tool.

If you have on the road whatever your digital camera and make snapshots, you sure know the problem that some images for further use are in the wrong format. With the handy little tool, you now have the possibility to make such manipulation of image files such as image resizing in simple manner. Image Resizer PowerToy clone recognizes all popular image formats and reads out the exact dimensions of your images. You need only specify in what format to store the images and image resizer PowerToy clone automatically make the adjustments. Easier, change the image size is not possible.

Image Resizer PowerToy clone offers more features, which make the image editing even faster and more effective. For example, you can set that your original files are not modified, and when the image resizing immediately a new copy is created. A really handy feature, with which you can save you a cumbersome step. Of course, you can select multiple images and fit together in their size. Hereby, the manipulation of very large image archive becomes a simple task.

The developers of the image resizer PowerToy clone
The image resizer PowerToy clone image editing tool is completely free download available for you. Programming the developer Brice Lambson is responsible for, which already has able to inspire many users with Image Resizer PowerToy clone.

Description of the version: Image Resizer Powertoy Clone

With the new image resizer PowerToy clone in the version 2.1.1, you can now further accelerate the work with your image files. Adjusting the image size is now even easier, because the program can remember the last size settings. It is also particularly interesting for you that works the software now even on operating systems released prior to Windows XP. With this improved compatibility, the image resizer PowerToy clone is now operational on almost all systems.

The main functions of the image resizer PowerToy clone 2.1.1

• The last selected image size is saved by the program
• The program is run on pre-Windows XP systems
• Auto setting height and width is now possible

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