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With the image resizer, you can customize the size and resolution of your images and save.



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Image Resizer

For editing your images with Image Resizer you can select single images or entire folders here. When selecting a folder import automatically all the images in that folder as individual images in the image resizer. Because the software works all selected images at the same time, run all changes to all images. If you want to make so different changes for individual images, you should do it in several passes with the image resizer. The number of images to be processed is do not care, so that you can edit whole series of images at once.

The actual processing occurs after the selection of the images. For the image resizer provides different possibilities available. You can simply set the target size of the image using preset profiles in pixels or also special formats, like for Apple's iPod and iPhone or the Sony PSP are aware of. Of course, you can also manually select the desired target size with Image Resizer and switch it between pixels and percent. The software also offers you a variety of options that make editing your images with the image resizer easy and clear to understand.

So, you can also stretch the images with the image resizer in addition to the pure sizing or cropping. Different modes available are for filtering in the change, so you can quick or choose a high-quality conversion between one. You can also set whether the image resizer to replace the original images with the changes or create a copy, and where the files should be stored. Still, you can easily insert a watermark to your images and make them clearly identifiable. But the best even try out the software and freeware here from our site through the download function download.

Features of image resizer:

• Photo editing software
• Adjust size and resolution
• Supports a variety of formats
• Ease of use
• Freeware
• For Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Background information on image resizer

The image resizer is a development of the French software company VSO Software. The company developed from Toulouse mainly for CD and DVD burner burning software. To increase the number of images per medium, image resizer created and offered by the company as freeware.

Description of the version: Image Resizer

With the new version of the image resizer, you can more easily convert your images to other formats and scale. Add your own watermark to protect of your images and customize your pictures with various enhanced setting possibilities. With the publish option, you can send photos now also directly as an E-Mail attachment. Use the new image resizer to your photos faster and to transfer easily to digital picture frames. With the live preview window lets you check your pictures in the new version.

What can do the new image resizer:

• Resize and convert your images just got easier
• Add your own watermark
• Directly and easily as an E-Mail attachment send photos
• Now also easily transfer your images to digital photo frame
• Live Preview window to check

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