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With the free download Iggels image search a quick image search on the Internet is possible.



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Iggels Bildersuche

If you are looking for specific photos or pictures on the Internet, you will be successful faster through the use of the small free program Iggels image search. This small Freewaretools is very easy, because a clear and German-designed menu guides you through the entire program. You need for the storage of Iggels image search only 0.4 MB free space on the hard drive of your computer. When you open the program Iggels image search, a search mask in which the searched term must be entered will appear immediately. After the desired photo, you can accelerate the search, in which you additional information for the selected photo. This can be for example the size, certain colors, or the format of the selected photos. The program Iggels image search lets you not only a fast and comfortable search for specific images on the Internet, but you can use other additional functions. After the successful search, which was carried out according to the information provided by you, the program Iggels image search shows you all found search results in a browser. With a mouse click, you can now select the images in question, or on request start another search.

On request Iggels image search puts together the found photos a small gallery of friends, which you can then download and save on your computer's hard drive as a whole. You can easily use this function in which you used the context menu by Iggels image search. Storing the selected images must be made by you in the program Iggels image search so do not have the menu option "Save as", but the context menu of the software Iggels image search immediately copied the images in a directory that you designate.

This you get the opportunity, you simply to add selected images created Gallery or remove from this. You can work so using Iggels image search so long, until you find the pictures suitable really for you and have to make no caching of the images.

What can do Iggles image search:

• find pictures on the Internet for you
• German
• provides a small gallery of images
• Context menu for easy storage
• No caching needed
• Download the gallery as a whole and on the hard drive, computer store

What systems do you need?

The software Iggels image search runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. Currently the download the Iggels image search offered Internet 1.5 beta version free friends.

Description of the version: Iggels Bildersuche

With the current version of the Iggels image search the search for images on the Internet and their archiving on disk now is child's play. The software operates with the same search technology like Google image search. The Iggels image search goes yet one step further: with a mouse click, you can store found images using the context menu in various galleries and then save from there directly to your hard drive.

The advantages of the Iggels image search version 1.5 in the overview:

• reliable results by Google search technology
• Refining the search by various criteria
• Archiving of images in galleries
• Easy download of all found pictures
• Easy handling due to clear search mask
• Faster searching through more targeted choices

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