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The DVD tool IfoEdit allows subsequent navigation menus on DVDs.



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IfoEdit is a small but powerful tool when it comes to customize the navigation menus of DVD after burning once again. With IfoEdit you can still save also faulty DVDs.

Nothing is more annoying than having elaborately burned a DVD and then determine that you made a mistake in the navigation menu. If the marks are not set to the beginning of the chapter, it may cause even, let a DVD not playing at all. Previously, you had to start at such a problem from the beginning and burn a new DVD. Fortunately, there are also clever tools like IfoEdit, which can spare one this waste of CD-Rs and work time. The tiny tool IfoEdit gives you the opportunity to change your self burned DVD navigation menus. Thus it now no longer necessary is, to throw away DVDs in case of failure and to create completely new. With IfoEdit and its huge range of functions, you can save not only money, but also time. If you're so interested the topic of DVDs and burn DVDs, actually there is no way passes for you this amazingly simple, but effective software. Try the best right there!

IfoEdit is very quick to learn for beginners. In just a few steps, one is led to a faulty navigation menu customization. The clearly arranged user interface makes it easy entry into these useful little software.

The development of IfoEdit
The DVD tool IfoEdit is developed by decision dev. The programmer team is responsible as well as IfoEdit for some other software projects. The tool is constantly extended by new features.

Description of the version: IfoEdit

The DVD tool IfoEdit in the new version now offers a number of useful extensions that will significantly facilitate you working with this useful tool. So you have more options when it comes to the menu design for NTSC DVDs. So you're not dependent on the PAL format from now on in the subsequent design of your DVDs. There is also the possibility PGC graphics can be easily added to your self-designed menu now.

The new features of IfoEdit 0.971

• Creating menus for DVDs in NTSC format
• Menus can now be designed by adding PGC graphics
• Still easier operation of the software

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