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The IE toolbar provides including various search options, localizer, and much more.



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At the IE tool bar search is capitalized throughout. There are several functions with which you can search for General or also very concrete. Then, working on the computer goes faster if you desperately looking for something. First, you have the possibility to search the Internet for specific pages. Did you then find the desired page, the IE tool bar gives you the option to explicitly browse the site for single words. It is particularly useful that the IE toolbar color highlights your exact words you. Also, you can save your all Internet visits thanks to the Web protocol. So you can quickly find everything. With the IE toolbar you get really some help which represent not just a gimmick, but are absolutely useful as users. So, for example, with the spelling check function. The IE tool bar shows you when form fields when something is spelled wrong. Yes, an additional control can be useful only in such areas.

Speaking of helpful. The IE tool bar has another great feature. Imagine that are on a page where many foreign terms and you'll just not smart it. Then you can translate single words with the IE toolbar, and it all becomes clear you. And you have to not look in a dictionary or extra to go to a translation page.

You can download the IE tool bar for free with us. Simply click on the download button to start downloading the IE tool bar.

Features and apps the IE tool bar

• Integrated single-word search
• Browse websites
• Emphasize certain terms
• Storage of most visited pages
• Word translation
• Web log viewer

The IE toolbar history

The IE toolbar was developed by Google and will open with the Web browser Internet Explorer by Microsoft. The American company Google Inc. was founded in 1998 and has steadily evolved. The inventor Larry page and Sergei Brin contact aims to gather all the world's information, organize and make accessible to all. The company is so successful, that it is the most expensive brand in the world allegedly with about $ 160 billion. At least this was found out by the market research firm Millward Brown for the year 2010. As a search engine is the eponymous product Google leads the market and a monopoly with nearly 90%.

Description of the version: IE-Toolbar

With the IE tool bar in, you can use the offers of with Internet Explorer easily out of all Internet pages. After installing the toolbar, you need only the needed feature to select and can then make translations or are looking for synonyms for words. For the translations in the languages English, French, Spanish and Italian available in which you can translate from German out are friends.

Features of the IE toolbar by

• Tool bar plugin for Internet Explorer
• Allows translations without having to call of the actual page
• 4-supported languages
• Search out for synonyms from the tool bar

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