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Icy Tower is a very simply kept game that keeps one spending hours on the computer.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Icy Tower

Icy Tower is the virtual combat with the never ending Tower. Climb to the individual floors and land safely on the given platforms to achieve the highest score of all.

The small game icy tower which has company free lunch design to a cult in the Internet scene evolved. The really small games now now there over the years and considers himself extensively in all possible download charts.

You can here and now also in the role of Harold the homeboy slip and climb the virtual tower. You start at the bottom of the endless tower with your character and see nothing more than a few platforms. Use the SPACEBAR to jump, and use the arrow keys to maneuver, so you're going to land on a higher platform now applies. The higher this is, the more points will be credited you for it. Sounds simple, it would also be, if not the time in the neck would sit you. The screen moves as soon as you once, jumped off steadily upwards. After 100 levels you will reach a new level in the game which has an optical effect, and unfortunately also playful, because your screen starts now faster and faster to get. To escape the deadly end, only faster, you can jump upwards. This is a good jump combination. You can handle that, there are tons of points for your account and you get further upwards. The different jumps are underlined with a few cries of Harold the homeboy in icy Tower officially.

The Internet was a bidding war for the highest score. On many Web pages, screenshots are set of players which have very high scores. Join now and here to download ICY Tower.

Description of the version: Icy Tower

Icy Tower offers you many nice features that are as rich in content to present the spectacle of jump to you. You have many unique characters that jump up the tower with you. Now, you have various possibilities to contest a game. The profiles you now allow for different players on a PC high scores to save. New replay features invite to record your game and later again to look at, to analyze, what you can do better.

News and features in icy Tower 1.5

• Many unique characters to the climb of the Tower
• Profile functions allow multiple players on a PC to save points
• Replay functions to the repeated viewing of the jumps

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