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  • Windows 1.8

The ICQ status Checker v 1.7 shows you the true status of your ICQ Contacts.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013

ICQ Status Checker

Compared to the last versions of Miranda, only several bugs were fixed, great new features have not been entered for you. Fixed the incorrect link to the bug report page. Gadu-Gadu module error in the SSL protocol in the 64-bit version have been removed. The IRC module was further upgraded for you and eliminates errors with regard to ANSI. The Jabber client has been revised and also some errors could be eliminated. MSN fixed viewing error at the user name after you have added a new contact.

• MSN display bug fixed
• Gadu-Gadu, the SSL protocol error fixed
• IRC module, ANSI error using fixed
• Jabber, troubleshooting
Fixed broken link to the bug report

Description of the version: ICQ Status Checker

With the current version of the ICQ status Checker you find out what status your contacts and friends really have. No matter, how your contacts have set their status, you can find out the truth. The current version allows the anonymous status check. This means that your contacts know nothing of the review. In addition, you can learn the status of all other ICQ users, if you have the ICQ number. Displayed will be the filing date and the exact time of the log-in the.

Important features of the current version of the ICQ status Checker

• Learn from actual status messages
• Make visible invisible contacts
• Query all ICQ numbers
• Display of date and time of the last log-in the
• Anonymous status check

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