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With the ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2, you bring more clarity on your ICQ 7.2.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013

ICQ Banner Remover

The ICQ 7.2 is an excellent chat program that allows you to send messages to your friends in real time. If there but not always these advertisements. With the current ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2 heard to the past. It hides all advertising banners on request and offers you more overview in your chat window. Do you mind not sometimes, if your computer takes too long to load a page up? This is often due to the many advertisements on the page. With the current ICQ you banned these ads banner Remover ICQ 7.2 from your chat program ICQ 7.2. So freely, you can chat with your friends without that you will be constantly distracted by any advertising banners.

If you open the window to ICQ 7.2, then you open typically all other functions. It doesn't have to be. With the ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2, you prevent that wedges are for example the search feature in the chat window. But you can suppress banner Remover ICQ 7.2 also the tool bar, you don't always need, with ICQ, if you want it. ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2 enables you, with your friends to chat, without it being interrupted by functions, which are otherwise very helpful, you don't need at the moment but.

Make your ICQ window cleaner and install in addition the new ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2. You can download the ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2 free here and install it on your computer in just a few minutes. ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2. very easy to use, because it has a wizard that will help you with the settings You decide what you in your chat window want to see everything in the future and the new ICQ performs it banner Remover ICQ 7.2 at each start of the ICQ 7.2.

The new ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2 soon:

• Advertising removed from the surface by ICQ
• Blocks ads from the chat window
• Ferhindert advertisements in the contact list
• Optionally hides the phone box, the search function and the tool bar
• Free software
• Ease of use

System requirements for the current ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2

You will need the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, Windows XP or Windows Vista and a processor with a clock speed of at least 350 megahertz for the ICQ banner Remover ICQ 7.2. Your computer should have a RAM of at least 128 megabytes, and a free disk space of at least 20 megabytes. You will also need still the ICQ 7.2 on your computer.

Description of the version: ICQ Banner Remover

The new ICQ banner Remover version 1.0 is now available for free download for many new versions of ICQ. The new version added some new tools as the possibility to remove the SMS service from ICQ. You can adjust the size of the chat window now also. So you're simply getting your ICQ with a click of annoying advertising and additional options.

Can your ICQ banner Remover version 1.0

• May remove the SMS option in the first row
• To adjust the size of the chat window to default
• Remove ICQ icon in system tray

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