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ICQ for free video calls, messages, SMS messaging with support for social networking.



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The best-known Messenger service at all is ICQ. ICQ is free of charge and a communication talent with numerous features.

Anyone who thinks the chat immediately think of ICQ. ICQ is the default program for chatting with friends, and it rightly: ICQ is easy to understand even for PC ring with its ease of use and the many features. ICQ Instant Messenger is a program on the market, that sure millions will be downloaded. The new features are of course particularly interesting and that ICQ has not saved also this time.

ICQ Instant Messenger in particular has functions of networking. So you can see through the connection with Facebook for example, in addition to the current status of friends pictures and videos and have insight in the comments, which can leave your friends to these features. At the same time, you can but also change your own status on Facebook via ICQ Instant Messenger and make your friends always up to date. The friend list can be integrated by networking with Facebook in ICQ Instant Messenger: a separate category is created automatically for your Facebook friends. Networking with Twitter is less spectacular but still useful. In addition to the updates of your friends, you can see directly in ICQ Instant Messenger, you may also update your own status. Do you share images with friends in ICQ Instant Messenger, you need to pull the selected files only in the message window so your friends flip through the pictures in an album and even a - zoom in and out can. Also regarding the contact search, there are a few novelties in ICQ Instant Messenger: apart from the above-mentioned import feature for Facebook friends, contact data can be imported from other services such as for example the E-Mail account. There is also a new search feature in which you show the friend friends friends may have.

ICQ is no longer so simple chat with friends and that's why also the SMS function has been extended in ICQ Instant Messenger: Besides sending ICQ on the mobile phone of your friends now also SMS from ICQ Instant Messenger can be received. And exposing still something on ICQ who despite all of these new features can now also in the personal favorite color make ICQ Instant Messenger or select other themes and sound effects. Of course, but also all old and well-known features of multi-chat about the storage of the entertainment course are ICQ Instant Messenger and add your own emoticons have been preserved.

News ICQ Instant Messenger at a glance

• Linking of ICQ Instant Messenger with Facebook and Twitter
• faster and easier pictures release
• Contact search via friend's friends
• Import contacts from other services
ICQ Instant Messenger design according to your own requirements
• SMS send and receive

About ICQ

The 1996 developed program now has over 42 million active users, was over 425 million copies downloaded every day are sent and received over 1.1 billion messages over ICQ.

Description of the version: ICQ

ICQ has aligned itself reinforced the Eastern European market. Links to Twitter or patches were capped. ICQ relies on social networks such as vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and The big boom of ICQ is in Western countries over.

ICQ 8.0: Now also with Facebook integration.

ICQ 7.6 novelties:

Google talk
ICQ offers the complete social network experience! Now you can to your contact list add your Google + and Google talk friends, sign up and directly from ICQ with them chat

User profiles
ICQ 7.6 offers a completely new way to share information with your friends! With the detailed profile information, you can meet new friends, look at their shared photos, and you express in various ways!

Audio and video
ICQ 7.6 offers an improved audio and video chat you, so that you stay with your friends in conjunction. Whether voice messages, video, SMS or instant messaging service ICQ are set no limits. Now you can call your friends directly from ICQ or with them live chat video chat. So nothing gets by you - try now!

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