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iClone4 EX is a high-quality animation software, can be used to create movies.



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iClone EX

3D-Animationsfilme are still a dream world for many film geeks. To cooperate in the matter and the techniques, considered complicated and time consuming. Last but not least the inaccessibility and the right software prices discourage many amateur filmmakers of, to make use of the possibilities of 3D animation. iClone4 EX remedy here, because iClone4 EX is not complicated to use, nor does it cost a small fortune.

What exactly is iClone4 EX? iClone4 EX is a software that is has become in the course of their development to the all-round suite for easy 3D-Animationsfilme. Core functions are 3D-Videoeffekte and creating motion paths, which represent the first step to the real time animation of iClone4 EX. Special iClone4 EX: You can connect the traditional video production with real actors with a virtual, generated in the computer world. This means that you can embed filmed sequences in popVideo format in the world that is created on the computer and animated by relatively simple means, and they interact with each other. Regards the animation by 3D-Darstellern by the way, counts iClone4 EX the absolute all-rounders. With CloneCloth a tool at hand is given you for the equipment of your 3D-Casts with which you practically can tailor your costume and prop ideas the figures on the body. Even their facial expressions can be friends provided adapt the language sequences available in the bundle program CrazyTalk6.

Thanks to the focus on used drag &-drop operation is relatively easy to use the software. Virtual objects can be edited within the scenes, they are part. This allows not only a relatively short period of orientation for newcomers, but shortened many production steps.

A few features of iClone4 EX:

• Import and embed movies in popVideo
• sophisticated motion control
• Scene and prop design
• Costume design with CloneCloth
• In-scene editing
• numerous effect filters

Is EX iClone4 free? What software has to offer Reallusion?

Best first: iClone4 EX is although not freeware, but free can be downloaded. The trial, which has the full functionality of the paid version, is valid for 30 days. After this 30 days only the timeline feature is disabled - the rest of the program can be used without restriction. Reallusion specializes in animation and image editing software and offers in addition to iClone4 a number of programmes EX, that can be extremely helpful for the work on 3D-Animationsfilmen. Most of these programs are available together with iClone4 EX in a convenient bundle.

Description of the version: iClone EX

The current version of the software from iClone4 EX gives you some important and useful new features, which make it easier for you to implement your ideas into action. It the 3D animations are now more support, so that your projects takes less time. Also the timeline Editor is now more efficient and hinder you less editing. Visualizations are realistic and smoother transitions.

The most important innovations in the current version of iClone4 EX

• Smoother transitions when the animation
• The visualization are more realistic and appear soft
• Which user interface was redesigned and is user-friendly
• Optimized iclone4

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