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IBM SPSS statistics 18 is suitable for all statisticians and even social scientists.



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IBM SPSS Statistics 18

IBM SPSS statistics 18 gives you a wider spectrum of statistical analyses on the hand as a user. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced statistician - with the new features you will get a wide range of tools to meet your needs.

You get with the program in the enjoyment of a number of new features. You gain flexibility with IBM SPSS statistics 18 for use of this extensive tool range. IBM SPSS statistics 18 is no longer required for the application of other modules: each module of IBM SPSS statistics 18 you can now separately or in conjunction with any other modules install and run.

With the module you can run key analyses fast and professionally direct marketing. Click the IBM SPSS statistics 18 developer, and it simplifies working with statistical resources, as well as raw material appended to you. You can enter just this in the port into a database for analysis. You can perform significance tests with IBM SPSS statistics 18. At the same time is possible with a rule-checking in secondary SPC charts. The enhanced Model Viewer in IBM SPSS statistics 18 allows an interactive visualization for two step cluster analysis. You can now completely uncomplicated perform frequently used procedures.

Download IBM SPSS statistics 18 here quite simple and straightforward. Click en download button, and IBM SPSS statistics 18 will be you in your daily work of statistics a great help. Also, the program supports you in your non-parametric tests.

Many features the new IBM SPSS statistics 18 program

• Statistical data processing.
• SPSS for statisticians and other scientific disciplines.
• Program package to the analyzing and visualizing.
• SPSS statistics 18 for Windows, as well as computers with Intel processors.
• New features in IBM SPSS statistics 18.
• Parameter and analysis: light prepares with IBM SPSS statistics 18.

A short history of the program

The synonym of SPSS in the name of IBM SPSS statistics 18 was designed originally for "Statistical package for the social sciences", so for the applications in the social sciences. The program has but been expanded and expanded, to meet the requirements in other scientific disciplines. Therefore it was renamed predictive analytics software statistics (PASW), the current version is also used this name. However, the program is now officially IBM SPSS statistics 18 after a takeover by SPSS.

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