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The new IBM Lotus Symphony helps you creating professional texts and tables.



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IBM Lotus Symphony

You need to create a professional presentation or make an elaborate spreadsheet? With the new IBM Lotus Symphony is no longer a problem in the future. You can shine before your boss when you him with your IBM Lotus Symphony introduce created presentation. You have a new job and need to be well fit in text processing and charting? The current IBM Lotus Symphony is this helpful to the page. You have no experience in using word processing software? The new IBM Lotus Symphony does it all completely automatically for you. Impress your boss and your colleagues. Your presentations will trump all others.

On this website, you can easily and quickly download your new IBM Lotus Symphony and install on your computer with one click. The interface is self-explanatory and there are many help tags available. So take some time and make your first professional graph. Your colleagues will envy solidify before your presentation. You need no prior knowledge to create professional documents. Charts, you could add otherwise difficult files, issue no more for you. The new IBM Lotus Symphony created everything automatically for you.

The new IBM Lotus Symphony is built in three parts, depending on the respective function. You can edit a text, create a table or prepare your new presentation, all at the same time, if you want. This Office software leaves nothing to be desired. Your projects are saved by default in the open document format, but can be converted to a PDF file. The current IBM Lotus Symphony lets you in a matter of seconds.

The new IBM Lotus Symphony at a glance:

• Spreadsheet software
• Word processing and presentation software
• automatic storage of documents
• Support the Microsoft Office formats
• Import of CSV files and Word documents possible
• PDF Converter

System requirements for the current IBM Lotus Symphony

You will need for the new IBM Lotus Symphony operating system Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista and a processor with at least 850 megahertz frequency. Your computer must have a memory of at least 512 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 540 megabytes. Otherwise, the new IBM Lotus Symphony has no special requirements to your computer.

Description of the version: IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony is a milestone in the development of the solution and comes with an incredible number of new features. In addition to the support for VBA script, ODF 1.2 standard, and Office 2007 works the program with new sidebars, about which you can call many functions and take advantage of features. And the appearance and the content of toolbars can be adapted by you on your needs.

Features of the new version 3 by IBM Lotus Symphony

• Support VBA script, ODF 1.2 standard, and Office 2007
• Calling features new sidebars
• Toolbars can be customized
• OLE, audio and video files can be integrated

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