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I Wanna Be The Guy is a game that is reminiscent of the first console games in design and sound.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

I Wanna Be The Guy

If you stand on challenges and has a great staying power, then the game I is Wanna Be The Guy the right choice for you. Your patience is here put to a hard test. Even if the 8-bit styles reminiscent of simple game boy games, don't be fooled. Also you will reach the limit of your frustration.

In the game I Wanna Be The Guy is ­ein so-called jump & run game. The name keeps what he promises you. You'll need much jump and run to achieve the goal. If you can make it to the end, then you deserve indeed the title The Guy. But before the fame and the glory wanna be imminent in I The Guy once hard working friends.

In the first level, you start as a small tot. You're the first uncertain steps and jumps in a relatively simple level. But also here don't let fool you. Before you reach the next level, you have to prove yourself once. Encounter numerous enemies that you must fight. Also you should beware you the depths of. They can be dangerous and many jump lands not on safe ground. Then it says so to speak "­Game over' for you and you start from scratch. But do I wanna be The Guy not frustrate. You just keep telling you can do it. Then it works maybe at the second attempt. You control your character using the keyboard. This is may be some getting used. After some time, you will notice a certain dexterity and speed when entering but. This will give you finger gymnastics so free.

Many characters and figures, but also obstacles and the sound will occur known friends, if you are in possession of a game console or were. This is already an advantage, because so you have knowledge and find yourself way more easily. Also, in some situations you can suspect what awaits you. Just be ready for anything. You will need to play more often the most levels. Don't worry, because it comes just as the other fans of this game. On the bright side, you can test your personal frustration border along the way. There are also people who say that the game sets new records of frustration. But this is rather an incentive as a deterrent for you. So, run, jump, and shoot as fast as you can, until you finish the last level victorious.

Description of the version: I Wanna Be The Guy

This game of Kayan Nasaki has developed. You have him then in this version due to the numerous traps and intermediate opponents. I Wanna Be The Guy is known as a very tough game. Not for nothing still the rumor that no player puts it the end of courses. The handling is easy. Using the keyboard to control the character through the individual worlds or levels. You begin as a little tot and get older with each achieved level and gain experience. Your goal is to win, to be the guy. You have to pass many tests and have patience.

General information and system requirements

• Jump & run game
• Design and sound reminiscent of console games
• Requires a lot of patience
• Freeware in English
• Disk space requirements: 68.8 MB
• Operating system: from Win 98

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