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Simple and effective video surveillance by using your webcam and i-Catcher sentry.



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i-Catcher Sentry

Monitoring systems are generally expensive and time-consuming, and require special cameras. I-Catcher Sentry is a good alternative, because this solution also works with your standard USB webcam. You need to install just i-Catcher sentry, and you got a full-featured surveillance system with automatic recording and the ability to retrieve the recorded images from anywhere. i Catcher sentry starts doing the recordings either timed or activated the recording with the detection of movements.

This i-Catcher sentry simply uses the webcam as a motion detector. So in the image of the webcam something moves, the recording starts. The webcam runs all the time, but no activity i-Catcher sentry does not record. While the system parameters can be configured, at an outdoor no clouds or moving branches from trees cause the recording. i Catcher sentry records therefore really only then, if indeed people or vehicles are in the field of vision of the camera.

In addition to detecting movements you can i-Catcher sentry also set, that is a recording always at certain times. Can i-Catcher sentry via the integrated Web server upload finished recording on a Web page. Then, of course, this Web site is protected against unauthorized access, so that only you can see the pictures. Alarm functions can send images via email and then immediately available for viewing available. About external applications, you can set up a SMS notification and will be notified so even if you're not online right now. Also a parallel consider the current recording is possible with i-Catcher sentry, and you can jump without problems at each point of the recording. Try the system but the best even with your webcam. You can download the software directly from our page about the download function.

Features of i-Catcher sentry:

• Video surveillance via webcam
• Starts recording when movement
• Works with any USB webcam
• Records can be sent or retrieve remote
• 21 Day trial
• For Windows 2000 (SP4 recommended) and XP

Background information on i-Catcher sentry

i Catcher Sentry is a development of the iCode Systems Ltd of England. The company offers the i-Catcher solution in different stages, so that in addition to a webcam solution with only a camera up to 32 cameras can be used. All solutions can be referred to as trial versions and tested over 21 days.

Description of the version: i-Catcher Sentry

The latest build for the current version of i-Catcher sentry has a fix that changes the image size is only, so the height or the width, better preserve the aspect ratio and not distorted. Thus, it is ensured that the images displayed are always recognizable friends. And appropriate metadata for the image were added to a playback of your recordings in frames of Web pages.

Current changes in version 3.0.14 of i-Catcher sentry

• Amendment to the adaptation of the aspect ratio
• Does not change only the height or width to picture distortion
• Metadata for images when playing back in the frame

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