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Hyperspace invader is a classic alien shooter and so much fun.



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Hyperspace Invader

You battle in hyperspace invader through 30 levels of aliens. You have to beat six bosses and that is anything but easy. To make you familiar with the game and the control, first completing a small training and then a target mission. Because hyperspace invader is intuitive to use, you can plunge you then also directly into the fray and take your first attack missions. With the successful completion of each level is the next level activated automatically from hyperspace invader.

By shooting down of your opponents in hyperspace invader, you collect points on the one hand and on the other hand will have the opportunity to collect better weapons and armor. Because since you are in the fight, opponents in hyperspace invader shoot back of course. If you're not careful, your shield and your armor are over in no time and then takes your ship damage quickly and will be destroyed. Although you have several lives, should not too extravagant to go but especially to beginning of hyperspace invader. It come eventually total 6 bosses, which is to defeat it.

Playing a total of 30 levels in 6 different missions to hyperspace invader here. Thus a boss to besiegender waiting level in each of the 5, and you have it in themselves. While you fight with 10 primary and 10 additional weapons, you can gradually collect. For every weapon there are still upgrades, but particularly when the armor and the bosses of nothing are you arms. If you so like alien shooter, hyperspace invader your game is. You can download the trial version with a total of 60 minutes of test time and without additional restrictions directly from our site. Just use the download function and start your missions in hyperspace invader as the Savior of mankind. Be a hero and defeat the aliens with your skill and your will to win.

Features of hyperspace invader:

• Alien shooter
• 12 Combat vessels, 30 levels
• 50 different enemies, 6 bosses
• Test version, 60 minutes
• 30 Days money back guarantee
• For Windows 98/XP/Vista/7

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The game is offered by UrseGames, a gaming portal that offers other games of all kinds to download hyperspace invader. All games can be tested free so that you can choose the game which you like the best and most fun friends. There are six different categories to choose so that something should be for everyone.

Description of the version: Hyperspace Invader

In this shooting game, you're an Alienjäger, which must destroy in his spaceship of aliens. More and more aliens attacking space stations and settlements in the Galaxy. Now it is up to you to save these. This game will be offered numerous level with an interesting 3D environment and scattered power-ups. Also stand up to twelve different fighters and weapons to choose from.

Highlights of the shooting game for hyperspace invader

• 30 Levels in a 3D environment, and with power-ups
• 50 different enemies
• 6 dangerous bosses
• 10 different laser types and 10 missiles

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