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HyperSnap is a screencapture program that provides many features for screenshots for you.



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HyperSnap is available in a German version available. To make screenshots of the screen is no problem for HyperSnap. This program failed even then, if it concerns the complicated screen content video or 3D games. This screencapture program can you also used when running your games with DirectX, direct 3D, 3Dfx or glide. A click on the button "Print" and HyperSnap inserts the current screen contents to the Clipboard. Also, the screencapture program has a built-in video support. You can take also pictures from current video movies and save.

Using the built-in function "TextSnap" HyperSnap can capture even passages, which you can then immediately continue to work on. Starting with version 6.10 is HyperSnap able to capture data and to transport to an Excel file. Also, you can work with the data immediately. You can add shadow to drawn objects with HyperSnap. In addition, you may have show you the cursor coordinates to determine exactly the screen image from which you want to create the screenshot. You can invoke the program with this screencapture unlimited screen content and switch back and forth between them. With the "Freehand drawing mode", you can make even variable screenshots. You also have the opportunity to design their own stamps, which can contain graphics, text, or both, to make your screenshots on so to speak your own stamp.

HyperSnap is available as shareware for a free 20tägigen trial download. This unregistered version HyperSnap automatically inserts a stamp in the upper left corner of your screenshots. The paid full version is available at a price of 40 euros. To test HyperSnap now for 20 days, you need to press only the button "Download". A wizard guides you through the installation process and in a few minutes you can make your first screenshots with HyperSnap.

The new features of HyperSnap

• Screenshots of 3D games and video games.
• Function "TextSnap" to the photographing of texts.
• Free hand drawing mode to of their own design from screenshots.
• Add shadows drawn objects.
• Show the cursor coordinates on the screen.
• Edit multiple screens at the same time.

System requirements and download

HyperSnap is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Download size for the test version is 5.4 MB. After 20 days, a fee-based registration is necessary, so that you can continue to use the program.

Description of the version: HyperSnap

The new HyperSnap 6 is an advanced Screencapturing software for your Windows computer system that allows capturing text from all sources, as well as its editing capability compared to the old version 5 now. So that you can more accurately capture screen content, the coordinates of the cursor are displayed now friends and objects with shadows can be inferior. The version 6 of HyperSnap with paste tab delimited options also consistently focuses on compatibility with widely used software such as spreadsheets.

The main new features of HyperSnap

• Advanced text capture TextSnap
• Entering text with autoscrolling
• Shadow can be added to objects
• Display the Cursorkoodrinaten image acquisition
• Tab-separation for spreadsheet

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