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You can record actions on your screen as a video with HyperCam, and comment on.



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Download HyperCam is very fast, because the file is not even a megabyte in size. The installation is still faster, it lasts only feels like five seconds. If your Hypercam\r starts, a small window opens. This window has six tabs, on which you can make various settings in the top bar. The tab that is displayed at startup by HyperCam, is the map "Recording area".

Before you start to take something up, you should first set which area of your screen you want to capture. To do this, you have two choices: either click on the button "Choose snippet" or "Choose window". The difference is that you quite specifically themselves can choose the cut-out at the first opportunity, while in the second alternative, HyperCam proposes different Windows you. In addition, you can set HyperCam to display the reception area by a rectangle or whether HyperCam minimized during the recording in the task bar but, or not be. The next tab "Shortcut" has only informational character and displays the name, different shortcuts you.The third tab "AVI file" is more important. Here you can adjust where the computer you want to save the video files and the video should be included with the frame rate per second. In the fourth tab "Audio" you can make audio settings. HyperCam captures also the tone. Your computer is equipped with a recording device, then you can comment even your video. HyperCam lets you make settings regarding your cursor, whether it should or not be included and also, for example, a mouse click should be as loud with the penultimate "Options" tab. The last card "License" is rather uninteresting. HyperCam is namely worldwide free of charge and also time without limit.

The actual recording is now quite simple. No matter which tab you are located, you can basically start a recording by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of HyperCam, or stop. Then you do what you want to record on your screen and the video is finished.

Peculiarities of HyperCam:

• Keyboard shortcuts simplify operation.
• The sound may be included.
• To adjust the frame rate itself.
Specifically, the reception area can be set •.
• With the recording device can be commented to the videos.
• The inclusion of the mouse pointer can be - or off.

More information:

The software HyperCam already exists in several versions and is available also in English. It convinces by simple handling and quick completion of the desired videos.

Description of the version: Hypercam

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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