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HWiNFO32 is an analysis tool that checks your PC and pointing you to any deficiencies.



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With the program HWiNFO32, you analyze your computer and will receive information on the included hardware components that can help you, for example, when searching for the appropriate drivers.

The small program HWiNFO32 gives you useful information about your complete system: If you now want to know which processor was installed, or if you need information regarding the sound and graphics card - HWiNFO32 offers the necessary facts for you and tells you what hardware is in your computer in a clear way.

With a few mouse clicks you can start the analysis of HWiNFO32 – monitor all installed drives to all internal peripheral devices the software undergoes your machine a complete check. The results are clearly displayed in a chart and can be - transferred to many formats, including as plain text, HTML or also as an XML file. If you want more information, you can use the benchmark tool of the program - so you investigating the untapped potential in your PC is hidden.

You can use the information provided to you by HWiNFO32 in many ways - a good example is the driver search, where you need to exactly know the specific hardware component in most cases. Also you as regards the 'system health' always on the last level, - irregularities are made visible by the Analyzer and can be fixed so. The program runs under most versions of Microsoft Windows and is regularly brought up-to-date by the developers - is constantly expanding the list of supported hardware components and can be viewed on the website of the manufacturer.

Description of the version: HWiNFO32

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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