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Hurrican is a PC game in the jump & run-style with many technical and creative features.



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The PC game Hurrican is a remake of the classic Turrican, which appeared in 1990. With this furious jump & run game guaranteed no boredom, because your hero must defeat countless opponents.

Hurricane gives you optimum games fun. The game starts with a clear menu, where you can adjust the parameters of the game, for example, the three levels of difficulty can be adjusted. 18 Levels, you meet great challenges: you fight monsters and machines, and need to demonstrate your skill and wisdom again and again on the new. For this are numerous upgrades for weapons and super powers available, such as futuristic laser cannons and machine guns - so your hero is unbeatable and can win against each another dangerous opponent and beat every monster in the escape.

For the control of the game Turrican, there are several ways that you can use your keyboard, a joystick, or a gamepad, also for this, depending on what you overcome your enemies faster. The graphics of the game is challenging and the levels are varied, unpredictable shapes and deceitful attacks await you in each new level.

Hurricane offers a special feature for creative professionals: with the level editor can that you design your own worlds on the PC - decide in what sphere you will meet your next opponent. There are no limits to the imagination: science-fiction worlds you can design according to your own ideas. The game Hurrican is compatible with the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The download is quick and easy, a Setup installer performs the installation on the PC - and already, the fun can begin with hurricane.

Description of the version: Hurrican

The new version of the games classic hurricane has to offer many new features: the menu is still clear and also the graphic is more powerful. In addition, the hero can compete with new monsters and other frightening and dangerous figures. To more sophisticated weapons and powers provided him. Otherwise, also this version of Hurricane offers the usual games-fun in the classic jump & run-style for a player who turns every challenge.

This is new to the computer game Hurrican:

• Ease of use even easier menu navigation
• High-resolution and high-performance graphics with numerous details
• Many additional weapons and forces for the hero of the game

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