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HTTrack is a helpful tool if you want to surf without an Internet connection.



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What do you do, if you're offline, but still want to visit one of your favorite websites? If you want to can save Web pages on your hard drive and call without the need to always have an Internet connection, then you should look at necessarily HTTrack friends. The copy tool for Internet pages is precisely the right thing for you. You need never again only cumbersome Internet connect, only to see the same pages you, of which you know that the content no longer changes. HTTrack offers a great range of functions, which easily will make it for you, for this task to start the offline browsing. HTTrack is a useful little piece of software, an indispensable tool for all those who would have even offline important Internet pages available. The program install today and let you convince by its possibilities.

HTTrack has to offer as an intuitive user interface, where you you'll feel right at home with the mouse pointer. You can download Web pages from all over the World Wide Web. HTTrack transfers all images, texts, tables, and more, for you, so that the page looks offline as well as online. The program is itself a powerful browser with which you then immediately show the pages may have.

With HTTrack, it is also possible to get the link structure of a page you. You can with HTTrack between different pages back and forth browsing: the links on the stored pages also work as well as online.

Other features of HTTrack:

• on Linux/unix/BSD runs
• integrated help
• Proxy support
• Download limits set
• Create scanning rules
• Cookie settings

The developers of HTTrack

The HTTrack website tool is developed by the same manufacturer and sold on its Web site. HTTrack is free software under the GPL license and can be downloaded from you for free. The program was launched in the market for the first time 2007 and can already look back since then on a significant number of users. HTTrack is fully visits on the site can be run on your Windows operating system, such as Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 the Forum and share with the developers and other users of this tool for your computer.

Description of the version: HTTrack

In the current version of HTTrack, several issues were addressed again, dealing primarily with format and operating system supports. Recognizing XHTML/XML as HTML was implemented as important fix. Under Linux, fixes have been implemented for several versions, which have to do with the display of desktop files. Thus is the local display of downloaded Web pages for you under Linux again error possible.

Features of HTTrack in the current version 3.43-9

• Software for downloading entire Web pages.
• Local copy is fully navigable and contains all text, images and links.
• Current version contains bug fixes.

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