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HotWhois puts together publicly available information about IP addresses and Internet addresses.



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Often, you want to know who is actually behind a specific IP address or a domain. Without the support of a suitable software, it is hardly possible to find appropriate information on the net. Therefore, a program like HotWhois with an appropriate search function is very helpful. To start the search with HotWhois, you have to enter only an Internet or IP address. With one click, combines HotWhois independently with the relevant server and queries all available details are located in publicly accessible databases. With HotWhois presents this data you neatly sorted by Ping, so the availability of the corresponding page, IP information and details about the domain-name holder. HotWhois is able to show you who is behind the Web site requested by you in a matter of seconds. With HotWhois you will find out who the appropriate domain is logged including name and address and other additional information that could be of interest to you.

You can immediately print out all information about your printer and to archive. With all these features HotWhois presents "Who is who?" on the Internet as this. All data that are accessible through the domain holders publicly in databases, can assemble HotWhois to friends in the appealing form and check even the availability of the individual Web addresses. HotWhois is a helpful and useful tool.

If you want to install HotWhois on your computer, you just click on the button "Download". The free trial version is available for downloading already. It is valid for 20 days. Now just follow the installation instructions on your screen and you can start in a few minutes already, making your first research Internet sites and IP addresses.

The functions of HotWhois

• Simple search
• Ping to test reachability
• Query by IP addresses and Internet addresses
• Details about the domain
• Details of the domain name holder
• Expression possible

System requirements and download

HotWhois works with the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP. The download size of the test file, which you can use for free for 20 days, is 1.4 megabytes and will only very small claim so your hard disk space.

Description of the version: HotWhois

With HotWhois 3.0, you always can find out who is behind an IP. The software is now even easier to use, so that you can immediately check for IPS in question, whether the source is trustworthy. Downloads from unknown sources in a meaningful function. The latest version can thereby better respond to novel applications in the Web and also has the information about the awarded domains.

The main features of HotWhois 3.0

• simple application with clear graphics
• each IP address can identify immediately
• get all the information about new domains
• more security with downloads from unknown sources

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