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A VPN client that protects you in public Wi-Fi hotspots.



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Hotspot Shield

The VPN client HotSpot shield lets you surf anonymously on the Internet.

HotSpot shield obscures your real IP address. So you're safe from hackers. The anonymization goes far beyond changing your IP address. Many other security tools ensure that you surf safely in an open Wi-Fi.

HotSpot shield ensures safety. Each connection that you build up, runs through a US proxy, all traffic will be encrypted. The service is suitable also for other purposes. So you access that would otherwise be blocked in Germany with hotspot shield often on content. The highlight is the IP address from America, you get using hotspot shield.

Surfing the net is slightly slower with hotspot shield, because you are using a proxy from America for surfing the net.

Description of the version: Hotspot Shield

The version comes with advertising. To turn this off, you will need a premium account with hotspot shield.

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