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Hot CPU Tester Pro your system undergoes a thorough check and tells you how stable it is.



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Hot CPU Tester Pro

Hot CPU Tester Pro you can check your entire PC on any pitfalls or risks – this brings the program the machine to its limits and tests his behavior under pressure.

Hot CPU Tester Pro combines various test modules which undergo an extensive stress test every part of your system. A part is defective, the error usually under increased load reflected so - by the software generates this pressure, it comes as well as any problem to the bottom. The central processor unit is tested as heart and kidneys such as chipsets, installed hard disks and practically all components of the motherboard. Hot CPU Tester Pro used for the checks floating point and integer benchmarks; the data throughput of the main memory is checked using write - and read-only, produced by the test engine. The speed move and copy processes is also checked.

Hot CPU Tester Pro is a useful diagnostic tool to verify system stability, and maintain all relevant data at a glance - you used the program regularly, so you can be sure that miss out no error and no irregularity within your system. You can then eliminate discovered sources of error with corresponding updates, corrected settings or other measures.

Hot CPU Tester Pro is used according to the manufacturer in professional laboratories and Government institutions around the world to ensure the stability of the systems used. The calculator evaluated prior to their use for a longer period of time, defects in the run-up to the actual use can be eradicated. Test runs of more than six hours are not uncommon to exploit defects in a system.

Description of the version: Hot CPU Tester Pro

Hot CPU is now Tester Pro version 4.4, where among other things significantly improved support of Windows Vista. In terms of hardware, also newer type Intel processors are supported now - for example, the Intel Xeon. Also the support of AMD processors has been extended yet strongly times. With the enhanced test module for hard drives, faster, you discover issues with the SATA controller. Some minor fixes of cosmetic nature have been made to the layout.

The benefits of the hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4 version

• Better support for Windows Vista
• Support new Intel processors and other AMD processors
• Improved disk module is faster SATA-controller error
• Many bug fixes and minor changes

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