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With homeopathy acutely you can treat acute injuries and short-term illness itself.



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Homöopathie akut

If you're interested in alternative therapies, homeopathy is acute right for you. With this Advisor, you can sure find a suitable homeopathic remedy as a layman in General short-term illnesses such as colds, diarrhea or in urgent cases of infringement. Low-lying injury and chronic medical conditions you should contact an experienced classical homeopaths or doctor but still. The product homeopathy acute is offered in the free energy balancing. Supposedly, the philosophy is that all energies are compensated at some point according to the cosmic law. This means that you decide how much homeopathy's acute value. You can then voluntarily transfer this amount to the account of the manufacturer.

In the full version, homeopathy involves acute over 70 homeopathic remedies and a selection of 80 clinical pictures, you acutely can select the appropriate homeopathic remedies with the help of homeopathy. Download homeopathy acute a handbook in PDF format supplied with additional friends, which provides a compact introduction to homeopathy including a program guide.

See the module first aid is found in homeopathy acute indication list, represent various ailments and injuries, for example, cough or band irritation. If you have selected any of the complaints or injuries, you should specify as many matching symptoms. Homeopathy acute lists then the media friends that can best handle your complaints. To do this you will receive also dosage instructions and further information. The manual will help you when dealing with the various proposals. Under media card module, you can find a detailed division of General and local symptoms that have occurred during the clinical drug testing. Here, you get acutely more important information, as well as dosage recommendations of homeopathy to the displayed resources. In the module, you can document the Agent Administration users. This documentation is highly recommended acute of homeopathy, because you can understand only that successes and failures, understand.

All info about homeopathy acute at a glance

• Easier access to homeopathic self help
• Find appropriate means to treat
• Information about homeopathy in a PDF file
• System requirements are Mac OS X 10.4.0, Win95/WinXP/Vista or Linux version 1.4.4
• EnergyWare
• File size depending on the operating system is 4-7 MB

Background information on homeopathy acute

The German company OnlyMac offers various programs for the practice management and order processing by health practitioners e. k. located in Spiesen-Elversberg.

Description of the version: Homöopathie akut

With the current version of homeopathy acute for you in addition to the Mac and the Windows version, the developer has made available also a Linux version and several known bugs fixed. The remain friends now new over 70 homeopathic remedies and a selection of 80 indications (complaints, injuries) available, from which you can choose. You can then document the taking of funds in the module "Users".

Functions of homeopathy acute in the current version 1.4.4

• New version for Linux available
• Over 70 homeopathic remedies
• Current selection of 80 indication (complaints, injuries)
• Documentation of revenue and doses possible

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