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Bcheck\r all computer users provides the defining of hotkeys a roof way on.

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Bcheck\r is a useful little helper for your computer. In the future, you can even faster call programs and features than ever before and thus significantly increase the speed of your work.

You're also constantly striving to improve the work processes on your computer with your most important programs? If you want to work with your computer more effectively than in the past, Bcheck\r is certainly an interesting aid. With Hoekey\r it is possible to create shortcuts and accessing important programs and features at lightning speed very easily. So must you not more awkward fight you in the future through menu structures, but have ready all the essential functions with the touch of a single button. Hoekey\r will help you to frequently recurring tasks faster and significantly shorten your effective working time. If you much with the computer have to do professionally and privately, should you just look at the software you.

Hoekey\r is a very useful tool for everyday computer. It that keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys can be defined, which launch single programs for you, call Web pages on the Internet and much more is one of the most important functions. Who need to write much on the computer that will appreciate soon, no longer having to take your hands from the keyboard. Call your favorite programs in the future not more cumbersome with the mouse, but with a simple keyboard shortcut. Bcheck\r is especially powerful when performing this task, because you can define the hotkeys in a separate file in advance. So the management of a large number of hotkeys hard especially for you and changes to existing hotkeys can be made quickly.

Description of the version: HoeKey

Bcheck\r will simplify further creating hotkeys you in the new version 1.13. The design of new hotkeys configuration file is now even easier than before and easy even for beginners to learn. A sample file is also available now friends, where you can see you building the syntax of various hotkeys. Therefore and with the newly added hotkeys you should come even faster to build of a separate configuration file with many useful hotkeys in future.

The most important innovations of Bcheck\r in version 1.13

• The program now includes a sample file for the configuration of hotkeys
• Easier access to the definition of new hotkeys
Many new hotkey commands have been added •

HoeKey hotkeys program assign hotkey assign hotkeys purrint purrint download hoekey

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