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HLSW is for online gamers who are looking for suitable server platforms.



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Every online gamer knows that: before the fun on the battlefield or the fantasy world can go off, only painstakingly matching server must be sought. The Server tool HLSW offers you now a valuable support.

If an online game not fails to own playful inability, then bad server can quickly generate frustration and anger. As well, that there are a number of helpful clients, that assist you in selecting a server. With HLSW you can not be wrong, when it shows you the best online platforms for the online adventure. HLSW manages all the available servers and is available for many popular shooter and fantasy games. For example, fans can call of duty, Medal of honor, half-life, Quake, battlefield or Unreal Tournament HLSW use the server selection. Also Doom 3, Crysis is and Neverwinter Nights, the manufacturer of the server administrator has published on its website a list of compatible games.

In addition to these titles also freeware online games such as Wolfenstein, America's army, detected savage and Warsow by HLSW, as well as the open-source games Nexuiz and tremulous. The client displays the number of free places, the total number of players, the ping rate and the current map friends for each available server, is playing on the. With the program you can no longer be wrong thanks to the real time statistics, if you're looking for the best game server.

The huge advantage that you can use with HLSW, is the centralized management and overview of the playable servers with just one program. The freeware is therefore one of the most popular applications on the online game fans and gets mostly good reviews, because it offers a clean and easy to understand interface.

Description of the version: HLSW

The latest version 1.3.3. 7 b of the server clients HLSW offers some advantages and amenities that differ from the previous versions. For example an integrated FTP client is in the latest version of the tool to find, with which you can upload your own maps. Some games were added to the detection mask and improves various settings of already supported games. In addition, the games on the servers thanks to a new and improved program structure run smoother and faster.

The most important changes in version 1.3.3. 7 b by HLSW

• Games added
• New setting options
• Improved features of old games
• New program structure for smoother play
• Your own maps on FTP-Server client uploadbar
• Fixed bugs of previous versions

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