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HK-Money-2000 is a useful tool with more than 60 different calculation functions.



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Financial mathematics is not for everyone. If you leave like you not only on that, what you calculate banks or insurance companies, you have the opportunity to understand each calculation exactly with HK Money 2000. You can accurately calculate the monthly burden of financing via instalment loans, leasing or construction financing with HK Money 2000. HK Money 2000 you can use but as well, to let you calculate potential income from savings or capital life insurance.

The use of HK-Money-2000 is very easy. On the interface of HK Money 2000, you enter all relevant data. Thereby, it is irrelevant what calculation HK Money 2000 for you to perform. You can calculate with HK-Money-2000 interest or pensions or calculate the paper returns of value of and investment calculations, respectively. The form included with this math program provides a preview function with appropriate graphics. This provides you with HK-Money-2000 Visual clues. You can calculate exactly with HK-Money-2000 depreciation plans, annuity loan, or repayment plans. Interest graduations take account here of course. This program puts you in a position to calculate different forms of financing and to match against each other. It is just as useful in determining the shape of a possible investment because you can make an exact return on investment calculation.

If you want to perform your financial calculations in the future of HD-Money-2000, a trial version for free download is available on the Internet. You can use this trial version timed as well as functionally unlimited. A click on the download button will start the download and the installation process. Now you will have to follow only the instructions that appear on your screen, and after a short time, you have an effective tool for many calculations around the issue of money and financing on your computer.

The features of HD-Money-2000

• About 60 operations
• Built-in forms
• Good graphical representation
• Simple data input
• Consideration of interest rate seasons
• Free trial without limitations

System requirements and download

HK-Money-2000 is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The free trial is limited or time limited in their functions. The download file size is 4.8 megabytes and charged your disk so only at a low level.

Description of the version: HK-Geld

Now even easier to manage your finances with HK Money 2000. Over 60 different helper functions for the calculation are available; the input is done to simplify using a wizard. Interest bills, repayment plans and tax tables are no longer a problem with HK Money 2000. A clear user interface and improved graphical representations are features of this new version, as well as the encyclopedia of technical terms that software also for laymen in the financial field considerably simplifies the use.

The advantages of HK-Money-2000 at a glance

• More than 60 different calculation tools
• Simple calculation of financial stocks of all kinds
• Simplified input using a wizard
• Graphical display of results
• Integrated calculator and calendar
• Technical term glossary to better understand

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