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With HJSplit, large files can be divided to burn or to send by mail.



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You can split large files into smaller parts with HJSplit and recompose if necessary – this can be useful for data backup, burning or when uploading to the Internet, because often there are size restrictions.

Who often sent E-Mails with attachments, knows the limitations of the mail provider: often are only file sizes from a few megabytes to the upload admitted. The attached photo or video is too large, often tedious reducing the size by editing software helps. Also when copying large HD videos, one encounters often at the limits of the appropriate storage media when the video files to be burned, backed up on external media or uploaded to the Internet. On a normal DVD files have, for example, just slightly more than 4, formatted hard drives GB of space with the FAT32 file system only, which are a maximum of 4 GB. Where HJSplit comes into play: this little program lets you split your large files into small pieces and then reassemble it upon request – the part files created with HJSplit can be then easily burned, backed up on external media or sent via E-Mail.

To split a file with HJSplit, you must only select this and specify a destination folder for the splitted files. In addition you specify individually and depending on the size of data packets from the intended use. Then you start mouse click the file splitting - a short time later you will find the files in the desired size and clearly numbered in the target directory. The stitching is just click - by means of an integrated test function, you can compare the checksum and thus determine whether putting together has also properly.

Description of the version: HJSplit

HJSplit in the current version 3.0 a lot of improvements includes: now you can create MD5 checksums, worker processes can be interrupted with the newly integrated Cancel button after your confirmation. Already created parts of the split or merged parts are deleted in this case, to prevent the emergence of invalid files. The progress indicator was revised, the contained Internet links were updated as well, so that it references the new manufacturer homepage.

These innovations offers you the latest version of HJSplit

• Creation of MD5 checksums
• New Cancel button interrupts the running processes on request
• Redundant part files are deleted
• Revised progress indicator
• Current links to the manufacturer's website on the Internet

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