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The Hitman 2 demo gives a good taste of the full game and is a good start.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013

Hitman 2 Demo

Actually, you're already in retirement. But that's just not so easy with your past as job and career killer. In the Hitman you must therefore again ran 2 demo. Because even though your job not characterized you as the ideal son-in-law, you but sense of honor and feel obliged to be loyal.

In the Hitman 2 demo can you test a complete level of the game and make the final. In the Hitman 2 demo is not just a blind shooting game, but you've got to proceed with strategy. Hide your opponent and you have to track them down. While you can't trust anyone in the Hitman 2 demo, because even your ally may in fact be your enemy and always have your finger on the trigger. You have to camouflage yourself and wait for the right moment to strike. Quick decisions can bring success in the Hitman 2 demo, can also become a total disaster. Sometimes, it's better to wait a little, to observe and then make your decision for you.

For the success of your mission in the Hitman 2 demo, you have different pieces of equipment that you need to insert Assembly. Extends the anaesthesia with chloroform or do you need but the gun with a silencer attached? You must be careful and vigilant, because that is also your opponent. The Hitman makes high demands on your game assets 2 demo, but without the high level you not so long successfully can work as a Hitman. Make sure that that remains so even when the Hitman 2 demo and you get your opponent before they do this with you. Failure is not an option, you need to complete the mission. Try the best right itself once and you here from our side of the Hitman 2 demo direct download. You will not regret it and get a game that will captivate you from the outset and under its spell!

Characteristics and features of Hitman 2 demo

• Action role-playing game
• as assassin missions meet
• Tactical game
• a level fully playable
• Demo license
• for Win 98/NT/ME/2000/XP

Background information on the Hitman 2 demo

The Hitman 2 demo gives a foretaste of the successor of the successful first part of the game by Eidos Interactive. The company started as a specialist in video compression methods and focused by a purchase then on the development of games. Today, Eidos is part of the Square Enix group, which offer a variety of action and strategy games even without weapons and violence.

Description of the version: Hitman 2 Demo

Slip into the role of an assassin in Hitman 2 charge you now the Hitman 2 demo and experience a new game concept. Travel to places all over the world, to do your jobs. Put your whole tactical finesse. Shoot freely the way you, if need be, with new weapons that you buy with your payment on the black market.

The many features of the current Hitman 2 demo

• More you your target quietly with the stealth mode.
• Kill unnoticed with the silenced pistol or the piano wire.
• Freely move in an interaktieven 3D environment.
• Disguise yourself with the clothes of your opponents

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