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Hidden and dangerous Deluxe - the 3D-Taktik-Shooter: 23 missions with great graphics waiting for you.



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Hidden and Dangerous

In Europe, the second world war provides for havoc. As a commando of the British elite unit SAS (special air service) you're hidden and dangerous Deluxe right in the middle of the action. Dropped behind enemy lines, you fulfill important tasks with your team, to weaken the enemy. In 23 missions you sabotaging factories, save Allied scientists and crashed pilots or steal coding devices.

Hidden and dangerous Deluxe offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your tactical thinking. Instead of running an iconoclastic in the enemy positions, you must try to achieve the goal of the mission as intelligent and undetected. Hidden and dangerous Deluxe is very complex here. Before each mission, a matching team must be assembled and equipped. Every soldier with hidden and dangerous Deluxe has special abilities and must demonstrate in the use of these. In the game, you take on the role of a soldier while you command the other keyboard commands - let back in the computer-controlled teammates, wait or open fire. Of course, you can pull even with your friends via network in the online battle at hidden and dangerous Deluxe.

The realism you can stand out from the sea of the 3D shooter hidden and dangerous Deluxe. This is the realistic graphics and the numerous weapons, all of which were modeled after the historic originals - submachine guns, sniper rifles and bazookas are just a few examples. You can use with your team even tanks and other vehicles. Hidden and dangerous Deluxe includes the original version of the game including all patches. There there there is the expansion pack for "Devil's bridge", which provides new weapons and new missions for the single-player mode, as well as the co-op mode. Hidden and dangerous Deluxe also runs on older computers. Click on the download button to download the game.

Convince yourself of the great features of hidden and dangerous Deluxe:

• Fight through 23 missions.
• Realistic graphics and sounds create authentic atmosphere.
• Various realistic weapons and equipment.
• Use vehicles to reach your goal.
• Command your team of specialists by keyboard command.
• Play alone or with your friends on the Internet.

The story of hidden and dangerous Deluxe

Hidden and dangerous Deluxe, the developer Illusion Softworks has created a classic of the genre. When the game was released in 1999 for the first time, it belonged to the best-selling titles of the year. The critics praised the graphics, the realism and especially the gameplay. The original version was a pioneer of a whole wave of tactical shooters which were all based on the gameplay. Hidden and dangerous Deluxe Illusion Softworks has again set up and given a completely enhanced version of the game to all fans.

Description of the version: Hidden and Dangerous

The Deluxe version of the 3D-Action-Strategiespiels now offers an even better graphics and various weapons and new equipment. In addition, also the menu was improved in the Deluxe version. As well as in the old version, you must complete various jobs with a squad specialists. As usual, the action takes place during the second world war. The degree of difficulty of your orders is of course higher from time to time.

New features in the Deluxe version of hidden and dangerous

• Revised and improved 3D graphics in the game
• Streamlined and professional menu
• New weapons and equipment
• New challenges and assignments with increased difficulty

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