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Heyer's calendar-Studio is a software to design and print calendars.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Heyer's Kalender-Studio

If you need a calendar for home use, or want to present as a gift, the software Heyer is exactly's calendar Studio correct. With Heyer's calendar-Studio, you can create your own year - or month calendar in lightning speed according to a predetermined layout. You employ your personal Festival and holidays and other dates, choose some photos, invite her in Heyer's calendar-Studio - and your personal calendar is complete. Heyer's calendar-Studio namely calculates all other particulars such as holidays, moon phases, Lunar and sunrises and the appropriate settings automatically and uses this. Heyer's calendar-Studio represents the zodiac sign also on request. If you want to print the calendar not in German, that is no problem, because Heyer's calendar-Studio 30 different languages available to you, even such exotic woods as Esperanto, Celtic, or the fairy language. It is possible to print up to eight different languages on a calendar page, allowing you to stay flexible.

If you want the layout templates are not sufficient you and you spend more time in an individual design, you can place all the fields that you need for the design, completely free with Heyer's calendar-Studio. There are calendar-Studio next to fields for text also lines, surfaces, shapes, frames, images, graphics, objects and calendar images at Heyer's. Heyer's calendar Studio software program is able to import BMP, JPG, PNG, WMF, EMF and HGF files that you want to use. You can insert the images directly using a scanner via the TWAIN interface, and must not only save them as a file. Visuals can be integrated via OLE. If you register as a user, is an image gallery available from the you free of charge and for personal use can use numerous motifs like sunsets for example.

You can test Heyer's calendar-Studio before a download in shareware version. With which, you can print only ten leaves.

Heyer's other calendar Studio features:

• Sizes from DIN A1 up to DIN A5
• Full version on CD
• in 30 languages available
• Design for layout templates
• free placement of layout boxes with individual design
• integrated image gallery for the full version for private use

System requirements

The program runs Heyer's calendar-Studio under Windows XP and Windows 7 is possible - but no guarantee - even Windows 98, WIN ME, WIN 2000, Windows NT. It requires a space of 4.66 megabytes. For a registration fee, you can purchase the full version, the update registration is also subject to a charge. The full version is also on CD.

Description of the version: Heyer's Kalender-Studio

Version 2 of Heyer's calendar Studio offers more foreign languages in the area of the calendar structure. You can also paste the programme of holidays, which are subject to other holidays, in the calendar. New is also the integration of zodiac sign, which you can mark coloured on request. In the technical area you can print in the new version to all paper formats to A1 and use many improvements in the photo display.

The main improvements of Heyer's calendar-Studio

• over 30 foreign languages, up to 8 combined with each other
• Revise brightness, colour and contrast of images
• all sheet sizes up to A1
• various forms of vignettes as square or iconic
• Save images directly in the layout file

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