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The hex editor MX program shows you the control code and lets you edit them.



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Hex-Editor MX

The software hex editor MX will help you look at files in the hexadecimal system and edit. With the necessary Know-How, so hidden settings can be make or use game cheats.

With the freeware hex editor MX you can files with your control code you display and manipulate. The program is compatible with Windows 98, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000. In addition it fits to Windows Me, 95 and Windows XP. In addition, it can use with Windows Vista. The author is NEXT-soft, and the freeware is 840.6 kilo bytes in size.

With the hex editor MX, you can display arbitrary files in sequences of hexadecimal numbers to you and also edit. Otherwise than with conventional text editors you can see also the control code so. The hexadecimal system allows that numbers in a positional system are displayed, that match the base 16. The system is often used in computer science, because it is better than the binary system for managing suitable.

The freeware is well suited for professionals because it differently than with other editors data manipulating her. Whether it's hidden settings, game cheats or to viruses: with the hex editor MX and the necessary know-how you can do a number of things. So for example scores can be with the program analyze and edit after request. The freeware is it very comfortable to use. Just for hardcore programmers, professionals and hobbyists, the software is also ideal for passionate gamers. For a beginner it tend not to recommend, because this risk in the letters and columns of numbers, not understanding this. When you sign up for three euros, you will receive additional support by the developer.

Description of the version: Hex-Editor MX

The most recent version of the hex editor MX offers a number of innovations: needed for example no longer the hex agent, because the function directly in the hex editor is integrated. The program offers now also movable toolbars, a new, detailed help system and a single nextMX style, and it is also possible to open multiple files. Moreover, more recently are the functions copy, paste, print, cut, go to... and paste as text available, and file contents can be advanced search and replace.

The main features of the new version

• Integration of hex-agent functions in the editor
A detailed help system and a uniform nextMX style •
• Several new features such as cut, paste, go to..., advanced search

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