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For managing your music collection on your computer is helium music Manager 7 ideal.



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Helium Music Manager 7

With the helium you can manage easily and conveniently music Manager 7 music files on your computer - even with large music collections. The software can work with all popular music file formats.

If you like to listen music and collect you on your PC, you need a tool that will help you effectively manage your audio files from a certain amount of data. Just so you can keep track and also to properly use your music collection, and enjoy. The software can also handle collections that made tens of thousands of songs, the helium music Manager 7 is a good option here to get system in your music collection? The freeware detects easily all common audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, OGG/Vorbis, MP + and MPC. You can include conventional music CDs in the database, and of course the helium music Manager 7 supports the compact disc database (CDDB), the online database for CDs.

With the helium, you can music Manager 7 to add not only the appropriate CD cover, but also your individual assessment for each album. For example, you can indicate what song particularly well did you like and what you like more not so good. The program automatically generates tags from the names of the music file, which you can change with the editor but also by hand. The tags help you if you want to quickly find a particular audio file.

The helium music Manager 7 also offers you the possibility to listen to the individual songs using the built-in audio player. If you want, you can include your favorite player, but also in the music Manager 7. Synchronization with your MP3 player is also easily possible, which is of course more comfortable and useful.

Description of the version: Helium Music Manager 7

The current version of this music management software has many useful features. So, you can assign the appropriate cover for example music albums and note your personal evaluation. In addition, you can include your songs with the audio player that is integrated, listen to sample or your favorite player. The free version features many useful features for managing your audio files. Compared to the premium version, which is subject to a charge, but a few less available, such as for example the analysis tool functions in you.

The main features of the current version

• Management of very large volumes of data possible
• All popular audio file formats are supported
• Integrated audio player
• Supports CDDB (compact disc database)
• Sync with MP3 players possible

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