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Hedgehogs have never been so much fun like in Hedgewars. Because you love to waive worms.



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Now it is Bristly for all fans of the classic of worms video game. A similar animal and totally ludicrous multi fighting game player awaits you with Hedgewars. Only instead of worms, hedgehog, fighting to the last "man" to win war here.

Admittedly, Hedgewars is a unique clone of the cult game of worms, there to shake anything. But who cares, if the game is as much fun as the original and is still free to do this? Computer, download game, invite some friends, you always wanted to finish with absurd melee weapons, and the fun can begin!

War in the front yard, so is the frame story, and who are familiar with worms, know that not the story constitutes the appeal of the gameplay, but the countless types of weapons such as guided missiles, bombs, knives, a huge selection of firearms, bazookas, abnormal animals or - very classic - the good old kicks. Who needs as another story, if directly before a hedgehog enemy, which you can carry with a simple kick to Nirvana?

Course is in Hedgewars crucial not only the right choice of weapons, but also their use. Because wind and weather conditions, as well as the force of the explosion should be taken into account, otherwise it may happen that a friendly Hedgehog faster blesses the time than you like. Attached to the game elf with great attention to detail are also cards designed, replete with interesting tactical shelters and other shenanigans. You can compete against the computer in Hedgewars, but this is of course only half as much fun, as the frustrated cries of your friends right next to you. The game supports all current Windows systems from win 2000, win XP and Windows Vista to Windows 7. On the manufacturer's website, there is even a separate version for the Apple OS X operating systems.

Description of the version: Hedgewars

Hedgewars is a game for all worms fans who want to thirst for something new but stick to the good old game principle. Instead of worms is fought in here with hedgehogs, which are carved from yet harder wood than the worms in the years. Many types of weapons, eleven cards and an unprecedented multi-player principle are waiting for you. The installation file is manageable 123 megabytes in size and the game is completely in German, so also no weapon type you're missing.

What you the version 0.9.15 of Hedgewars offers everything:

• Brute Hedgehog action with the latest remote - and close-combat weapons and specials
• A timeless principle of multiplayer, which only makes Schadenfreude a pleasure
• Eleven varied, tactically thought out cards

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