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The freeware HDD thermometer allows you to reliably protect disk from overheating.



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HDD Thermometer

Anyone who deals with technology and computers, white, high operating temperatures to represent a cause for loss of data on hard drives and disks. With the software HDD you have a detailed overview of thermometer at any time, how hot the disks on your computer just run. This small program HDD it thermometer completely automatically detects which usual drives found on your computer. You can even choose friends, should show whether you HDD thermometer the current temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The a priori limit temperature rises to any disk on your computer, you get a warning about HDD thermometer. These can be sent directly through the software HDD thermometer as a buzzer or a written notification. In addition thermometer will record HDD the detailed results of each temperature measurement in a log file, so that you can always access at a later time on these data. This small program HDD thermometer is provided although you as free freeware download available, but after successful download you a prompt displays get, you should register on the website of the manufacturer Rsdsoft. For the use of HDD thermometer that is however not necessary, and you don't have to follow so no this prompt.

A clearly designed control interface will open immediately after successful installation. On this the operation from HDD thermometer is simple and clearly defined, and you can use the program immediately. On the navigation bar of HDD thermometer, you will find a button which allows you to make additional individual settings. Also, you can specify that the HDD now automatically turns off your computer thermometer when overheating occurs, a disk. Unfortunately the manufacturer no longer exists, but therefore you fully can use continue this program without any restrictions.

Everything important in the overview:

• Automatically detects which drives are located on the computer
• Disk protects against overheating
• Free freeware
• Required space of 364 KB
• Warning by beep or a written notification
• Each temperature measurement is recorded in a log file

Your PC needs what are the requirements?

HDD thermometer is a small program that requires only a free space of 364 KB on your computer's hard drive. As system requirements you must have installed 2000, operating system Windows 98, NT, ME, or XP on your computer.

Description of the version: HDD Thermometer

With the latest version of HDD thermometer, you monitor the temperature of your hard drive. The program will take measures automatically to avoid overheating. Signal tones attract attention, if necessary, also in time off your PC or used in stand-by mode. The manufacturer of the program is currently offline, therefore the program in the latest version will continue to exist and no longer maintained.

The main features of HDD thermometer 1.3 version

• Monitor the temperature of your hard drive.
• Watch out for sounds of the program.
• Your PC is shut down in a timely manner or stand-by.
• Be effectively protected files on your hard drive.

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