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HDD speed test to determine very precisely the speed of your storage media and drives.



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HDD Speed Test

Not maybe ever you wanted to know how fast your storage media (hard disks, USB sticks etc.) are actually. Here you can free download the tool HDD speed test and evaluate the write and read speed of your media.

If you you ever asked how fast your hard disk, your USB-stick, the memory card of your mobile phone or otherwise any storage medium are actually in your possession, we may have exactly the right download for you. With us you can: a quite useful, so-called benchmark tool called HDD speed test easily and completely free download. The process of downloading will take very little your time because the program is only 1.8 megabytes, so with a traditional DSL connection in a few seconds can be downloaded.

HDD speed test runs under all Windows operating systems from Windows 98, has been developed but before the release of Windows 7. It should run without problems but still with this operating system. The Publisher and developer of HDD test, Marko Oette, has ensured speed that the tool is kept completely in German language, i.e. no understanding problems are likely to occur.

How of this benchmark tool is very simple: you choose one from your storage media that you want to test. Are now the HDD speed test two different methods available, which it can use to analyze both the write and read speed of the medium. Either it copies one or but more files to, for example, the hard disk and delete them afterwards again. The program stops the time how long it takes until the files have been copied, and discussed in the connection, what amount of data in which speed can be stored. The result is you displayed when the operation has finished.

Description of the version: HDD Speed Test

The program HDD speed test the author Marko Oette for all operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows Vista developed by. It should work just fine but also under Windows 7. The software is released in 2008 and is since as a free download, as so-called freeware, any available, which like asks how fast his media work. By the program copies files to the hard disk, USB stick, memory card or otherwise a storage medium, it calculated the read and write speed of the same for you.

Details of the program HDD speed test:

• As a free download, so called freeware download
The author bears the name of Marko Oette •
• For all operating systems from Windows 98
• 1.8 MB
• Year of publication: 2008
• Category: disk tool

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