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The HDD regenerator 1.71 defective disk recover without costly repairs.



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HDD Regenerator 2011

Mechanical drives unfortunately happens that they suddenly fall off. Usually it is then physically bad sectors, which recognized the HDD regenerator 1.71 and restored. No other software on the market achieved the functionality of the HDD regenerator 1.71 and is at the same time so inexpensive. The software is played on your system quickly and can be started directly from Windows. The repair process takes place through the HDD regenerator 1.71 automatically. It is not necessary to submit your hard drive for money and expensive repair. With the HDD regenerator 1.71 is all from your PC possible without a removal of the hard drive.

The HDD regenerator 1.71 has its particular strength in the independence of the file system used and the type of hard disk. The program HDD regenerator 1.71 attaches only at the physical level of the hard drive, making it suitable for hard drives, which partitioned or unpartitioniert, are formatted with FAT or NTFS, and drive models from different manufacturers.

But more importantly: your data on the hard disk remain unaffected by the use of HDD regenerator 1.71. It is irrelevant whether a recovery was still possible before the repair of the hard disk as HDD this unchanged regenerator 1.71. The program is much more suitable than about a repair by a low-level formatting. The program is so well suited for lay people in this area.

Other features of the HDD regenerator 1.71:

• Detects bad sectors.
• Repair of bad sectors.
• Regardless of the file system.
• Directly from Windows can be used.
• Automatic regeneration CD.
• Automatic regeneration CD.

Background to the HDD regenerator

Experience has shown that the HDD is regenerator 1.71 able to resolve about 60 percent of the potential damage of a hard drive. The manufacturer offers a demonstration version regenerator 1.71 of HDD, with which you can try, if the defect to the own plate using the software can also be fixed. Then, you need to purchase the full version to repair your entire hard disk. The logical structure does not change but the repair process and afterwards no longer needs to be changed. If the HDD regenerator 1.71 with its work is finished, the hard drive is once again fully operational.

Description of the version: HDD Regenerator 2011

With the new version of HDD regenerator, gotta make you now worry more about lost data. This new and improved version can read corrupt data and you create a readable data package. Partly this new version can restore physically defective data sections. Typically, the hand lost data on a wrong or bad magnetization are due to the hard drive. The new version begins right here. Also, the handling of the new version is simple and self-explanatory.

Overview of the features of the new HDD regenerator

• This version requires at least: Win95/98, me, 2000, NT, XP
• Recovering physically damaged data
• Recovery of data after a data Gau, system, or hardware failures

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