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HDD health helps you to detect a failure of your hard drive.



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HDD Health

If you have saved many important documents on your computer and you are afraid before a hard disk failure, you should check out the useful little tool HDD health for the hard-drive monitoring.

You're in everyday work with your computer is certainly dependent on, that your data are safe and there are no errors or even outages. HDD health helps you, that can such loss of data or interruptions of work does not happen and you be at any time certain of the health of your hard drive. The hard drive is namely particularly susceptible to such failures, because she backed up wear and tear. You should therefore install equal to HDD health and provide for the case that your hard disk or your disk may work not correctly.

HDD health can monitor the status of your hard disks for you as a background process and recognizes at an early stage, if one of the drives failure threatens. So, you have the opportunity to respond in a timely manner and to bring your data to back it up in security. In the future, you work with HDD health without the fear that your most important documents because of a disk failure could be lost. HDD health works in accordance with the stipulations of the S.M.A.R.T..-standards and can make an evaluation of the functionality of hard drives therefore in professional manner.

The developers of HDD health
The useful monitoring tool for your hard drives and HDD health data security is provided to you as a free download. Responsible for this software project, the programmers of Pantera. The development team also works on a large number of additional tools that help improve the daily work with the computer.

Description of the version: HDD Health

The new HDD health 3.3 version offers even more possibilities to monitor the activities of your hard drive effectively. So you now can not only directly on the affected computer, but by E-Mail on any site about problems with the hard drive let you leave. The program to save a contact E-Mail address specified by you for the emergency and send a status message, if warning signs should have been recognized.

HDD health reports the status of the disks now also via E-Mail.

• That program can give a status message by E-Mail in emergency situations
• Waiting status messages the software from your hard drive and consumes so no resources
• Clearer user interface

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