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HD tune is a useful analytical tool for the hard drive. It helps to detect errors early.



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HD Tune

What does your hard drive? The freeware HD tune analyzes the hard disk of your computer and shows you ways how the performance can be better exploited or increased. The new version also applicable for external hard drives.

HD tune gives you the possibility to the technical performance of the hard disk of your computer to various services and processes to measure and evaluate. In addition to detailed manufacturer information to your PC the freeware offers you many more information. For example, to the speed of the system, the cache memory, firmware, error codes, and the temperature. If this is too high, the program issues a warning.

Find out by clicking on the "Benchmark" tab, for example how much is the minimum, maximum and average data transfer rate of the disk. Accordingly, you also get information about the CPU usage and access times of your computer. Limits are exceeded, you will receive an early warning. To activate the scan function "Error Scan" tab. The software HD tune disk studied then files that are damaged. For people with less time, this can be done in fast forward. You can also choose a longer, but more for this scan. Tab "Health", you gain all the information the S.M.A.R.T. the system for the self-monitoring, analysis, and status message. This is the readout of error codes on your hard disk.

The free tool HD tune win XP, win is 2003 server, and Windows Vista operating systems win 2000,. The software is very clear and compact design. Graphical representations of current processes and reports give you a good overview. The whole thing is very compact and clearly arranged.

Description of the version: HD Tune

The HD tune freeware version 2.55 is an analysis tool for hard disks. A new feature is that it is applicable also for external hard drives. So scans HD tune the system error codes in an optimized way, gives warnings at an early stage if limit values are exceeded, controls the temperature and provides you with detailed information of the PC performance. A very clear design lets you lose the overview. In addition, the evaluations be represented graphically. The tool helps you to optimize and manage the hard disk performance.

The main features of HD tune 2.55 at a glance

• Monitoring the temperature of the computer
• Warnings when limits are exceeded
• Scan your hard disk for error codes
• Applicable to external hard drives
• Computer benchmarks to measure system performance

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