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The HD trailer: Battlefield 3 is a good taste of a promising gameplay.



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HD-Trailer: Battlefield 3

The official HD trailer: Battlefield 3 "Fault Line Episode 3 - Get that wire cut" allows to throw you, already before the game begins, a look at which according to EA "most realistic action-shooter of all time".

In the HD trailer: battlefield 3 you will see that it is classic, such as with the predecessors, revolves around the fight and conquer in the latest installment of electronic arts. You end up in the middle of a war in the year 2014. Your troops have to take the order on the border between Iran and Iraq the insurgency by rebels under control. While you belong to US troops, or more precisely to the Marines. The whole area is equipped with sophisticated bombs and well disguised mines and makes your mission this not just a breeze. But not only bombs bring death to you here. There are many traps and ambushes, which you want to end your life. The direction from which you will be shot, in the first moment is most unclear and then you also need to find out who has seen it off on you at all.

The war not only confined to fighting on the Iran-Iraq border, the HD trailer: battlefield 3 will show you also battles, which take place in well-known cities such as Paris and New York. Also, many other places around the world serve as a backdrop for the action. View, as there is a single player difficult missions. In multiplayer mode, the fighting carried out online with up to 24 other players.

You want to see "Fault Line Episode 3 - Get that wire cut" even before the official start of game of battlefield 3, what awaits you in the game, then here download the official HD trailer easily and for free: battlefield 3 down. Just click on the download button and you're ready to go.

Description of the version: HD-Trailer: Battlefield 3

In this version of battlefield, there are again many improvements and renovations. One is of course the graphics in high definition, which can be more than real impact the gameplay. The proportions of the environment and the characters are extremely well adapted, so collapsing walls and cars exploded in the air the game feeling you are even more intense. The audio functions are outstanding, especially in Dolby Surround sound. The various characters are very faithful to detail shown.

The most striking improvements in the HD trailer: Battlefield 3

• New high definition graphics
• Excellent audio function in the Dolby Surround sound
• Very accurate character portrayal
• Combat plays in various locations
• Representation in the single-player and multiplayer mode

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