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HD tach is an analysis tool for the access speed of files on the hard disk.



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HD Tach

With the software HD tach, you simply measure the speed of access on your hard disk. Data reading can often vary quickly work on a hard drive and the program measures the current speed with a benchmark.

The little utility HD tach is an analysis tool for the speed of your hard drive. You put a benchmark to see how fast to read the data on the hard disk. You doing measures the performance of the entire hard disk and not just the individual partitions. The reading speed of the individual data depends on the physical location. In a performance chart, HD tach raises the speed with which a file can be read depending on their location.

In the "sequential speed chart" can you learn the reading speed of the files depending on the physical location. The mean of this curve shows the actual reading performance of your hard drive. Another feature of the software HD tach is the display of the "random access time". Thus, you can find out the average access time of files in milliseconds. With the display "read burst speed" you will find out how much megabytes per second in the cache can be loaded. This is therefore a good indicator of measuring how quickly your hard disk can work.

The program of HD tach was developed with the idea to measure how fast your hard disk files can actually read. The software was developed in English, but also by beginners, it is easy to understand. The common Windows operating systems are supported by the program, so it runs on most systems. The file size is only about one megabyte and is therefore very small. The small benchmark program was developed as freeware and is therefore available to everyone free of charge.

Description of the version: HD Tach

Other operating systems are supported in the latest version of HD tach that worked only in the registered version. In addition to normal hard drives, you can test other storage media in the speed. These include among other things, Flash memory and other portable memory. The option of CPU utilization is the measurement in the latest version. So you measure access the PC processor on the hard drive and how much time is required for this.

The most important features in HD tach 3.04

• Use the most common operating systems for the analysis tool
• International trade fair for other storage media, such as Flash memory and portable storage
• Measure the time for CPU access on your hard disk

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