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House construction V4. 6, you can create a financing plan and check the monthly load.



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House construction V4. 6 is a construction financing program. You get it as a shareware version with limited features or as a paid full version. In the full version of house construction V4. 6 exist in addition to the funding scheme also sample images of doorways, stairways and similar. So there House construction V4. 6 of your planned real estate already a face of its own.

When calculating the costs incurred for the construction financing home construction V4 geared. 6 the procedures commonly used by banks to determine of the creditworthiness. Here are all your costs, which are related to the real estate fan cation, HAUSBAU V4. 6 taken into account. The construction, auxiliary - and land costs as also your operating cost and the income used in the relationship. House construction V4. 6 provides you for the determination of funding needs in the mask 'Financing plan' an excellent help. This mask should be performed exactly. It begins with the input of the construction costs, including all your construction costs. On the left side of the mask in house construction V4. 6 captured one by one following totals: employer loan, Bausparkasse, State loans, mortgage loans, standard credit, two columns for other loans, State funding and existing capital. These sums must evaluate always "0" added in the netting to the construction costs. Monthly rates falling for the credit amounts are entered on the right side. In addition your monthly total load of construction financing is established then the House construction V4. 6 could determine.

The financing plan of house construction V4. 6 has more useful features. There is the possibility to create a repayment plan and also graphically display these. Can of course also all your data in house construction V4. 6 are stored and also printed out if necessary.

The financing requirements planning with House construction V4. 6:

Enter the House and building costs
• record all loans with sum
• Government funding with enter
• Must be always zero the balance
• Enter rates and add
• Repayment plan, create and print.

The program

House construction V4. 6 is a construction financing program, offered since 2008. In the free shareware version is the program in its functionality something restricted but offers a good insight into the functions of the program. The full version is inexpensive to purchase from the developer. As operating system Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows ME and Windows XP come for the program into question. The download size is 6.3 MB.

Description of the version: HAUSBAU

With the construction financing software house building, you really all your expenses under control, because expects the version V4. 6 according to the usual procedure of the Bank. The different credit solutions are new. So you can select from various credit options and sources of funding, including funding, the best form of financing. So you know whether you can really bear the construction costs, the software now has an income analysis. As a small gadget offers House construction V4. 6 friends to a gallery with House, stairs and door pictures.

The most important new features to the software house construction V4. 6

• Accounts now after banküblichem procedures
• different credit solutions can be compared
• new income analysis shows the creditworthiness
• House, stairs and door pictures gallery

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