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The Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 tests your knowledge of Harry Potter and his world.



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Harry Potter Quiz

The Harry Potter is quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 - as the name suggests - the seventh version of the quiz, which deals with the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends. As the most famous Wizard in Harry's not only, but also in our world, quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 offers you the Harry Potter, you can test your knowledge about the young Wizard. Doing it but focus on the first four books (Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire). Despite this limitation, it comes easily in the sweating, because turn the questions in the Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 not only to the General knowledge of the wizarding world, but also specific details for which you already have to have read the books.

The most fun is the Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0, when it is played with multiple players. So you can together solve the tricky questions in this version of the quiz with up to three players. The title of Harry Potter experts at the end while waiting for the winner. Per question applies in the Harry Potter to earn 7.0 quiz (HP quiz), which are summed up at the end to determine the winner. But of course that can play well Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 in the single-player mode, especially if you put an additional degree of difficulty you and answer the questions on time. So, you can test not only your knowledge of the magical world in the Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0, but also your promptness in answering the questions.

A total of 99 questions in the Harry Potter are quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 to the selection, which appear randomly on the screen. The game itself is graphically relatively simply programmed, which however does not affect the fun factor, because the questions of Harry Potter have it quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 part really, so that you can learn to do this maybe even something about Harry's world. So, the Harry Potter offers a challenge quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 for true connoisseurs.

Functions at a glance:

• Test your knowledge about Harry Potter
• Answer tricky questions of detail
• Play with up to three players
• 99 different issues
• Play time
• Get the title as a Harry Potter expert


The Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0 Trekkieland software was developed. That can be quickly and easily on your PC install Harry Potter quiz (HP quiz) 7.0, without consuming much space with a file size of approximately 4.

Description of the version: Harry Potter Quiz

The new version 7.0 of the Harry Potter waiting quiz mainly with a variety of revised questions. Were the old questions no challenge more for you? No problem: With the new version, you can test your knowledge with new tasks. These range from general information to details for true experts. In addition, the user interface redesigned and expanded the multiplayer mode.

The change of the current version of Harry Potter quiz 7.0

• Addition of numerous new issues from the world of Harry Potter
• Extension of the catalogue of questions from General to detailed information
• Redesigned user interface
• Improved multiplayer mode

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