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The hardcopy program is a useful tool with screen printing and Imaging.



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Computer have undergone a long and moving history. The first calculator included many cubic meters volume, worked slowly and had keyboards with a "Print" - button, but increasingly disappearing. Hardcopy offers a practical alternative not just reminiscing.

Would you press the previously mandatory "print screen" key, so would be the current contents of the screen thus immediately sent to the printer and the image of black on white, or in color on paper. Today there are not always a button easy to use for these purposes, just as there are printer no longer only "real", but also "virtual". If you still want to use this simple function, then you can download the program hardcopy, which also scans the contents of the screen. The tool will be sure more often used, than you think, because it's incredibly handy if you want to explain, for example, certain steps in Windows or post error messages. For this you need mostly a vivid image with which everyone can understand your reasoning.

Hardcopy also offers you more features that you can use easily and meaningfully. For example, an image editor, including batch function has been integrated. Thus, you can add simple effects and adjust the image size and color so that the screenshots are illustrative or aesthetically demanding. It is also possible to add a text box; Thus, the rough revision of the screenshots by using other programs is unnecessary.

The hardcopy of the freeware supports E-mail programs and FTP uploads, so you can just upload the images from the control window and share with others. Also, you can create a private archive with images and organize photo galleries or slideshows. Hardcopy is a useful tool that offers much more than a simple "Print" - button.

Description of the version: Hardcopy

The latest version of 2011.04 by hardcopy has been optimized especially for the latest Microsoft operating system Windows 7. More changes affect the functionality and settings options of the small but practical Windows tools. For example, images are integrated into Outlook now directly in the email text. Still, startup problems and General compatibility problems between modern operating systems have been revised and corrected, so that you can use the program even better.

The main changes from HardCopy version 2011.04:

• Latest version is Windows 7 compatible
• Images if necessary be integrated in Outlook directly into the email text
• Fixed bug in previous versions

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