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The Hannover 96 screensaver offers images, latest news, and numerous additional functions.



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Hannover 96 Bildschrimschoner

The Hannover 96 screensaver is very easy to use. He turns on automatically, if you several minutes did not work on your PC. You can set the time limit. The Hannover 96 screensaver is however not a simple screensaver, but it offers many features: in addition to large-format pictures of the Club and its fans there in the Hannover 96 screensaver a news ticker, which presents you currently important news from the life of the Club. You can click in the screen saver also a press review – like you with the Hannover 96 screensaver always up to date on your favorite team. By using the calendar and the clock, which can be found at the bottom of the screen saver, you've got the time at a glance.

The Hannover 96 screensaver also features "Sync" and "Configure", which you can use to make your screensaver more individual. "Synchronize" updates the information of the screen saver and by using the configuration you can set such as the speed of the text and the periods of time automatic synchronization for the Hannover 96 screensaver. There is also the possibility to determine that available updates for the Hannover 96 screensaver automatically should be displayed. Through a link, you can visit the homepages of the football club directly from the Hannover-96 screensaver.

You can download the Hannover 96 screensaver for free with us. Just click the "Download" button, and already the Hannover 96 screensaver on your computer is loaded. The download not complicated and suitable also for PC novices, because an installation wizard leads you through the entire process.

Other features of the Hannover-96 Bildschrimschoners

• Large Gallery in the Hannover 96 screensaver.
Miss anything with the news ticker.
• Easily synchronize and configure the program.
• Clock and calendar in the Hannover-96-screen saver.
• Easy download by using the installation wizard.
• Screenscaver speed fit your needs.

The Hannover-96-screensaver and more fan articles

In particular is the "Hanoverian Sportverein (HSV) von 1896 e. v" football is known as Hannover 96 plays for many years in the Bundesliga. For the many fans the Club merchandise, such as T-Shirts, scarves, and air fresheners in the form of Jersey, are offered. Recently a digital "fan curve" located on the homepage of the Association. Here you can download in addition to the Hannover 96 screensaver of also wallpapers or virtual kickers.

Description of the version: Hannover 96 Bildschrimschoner

The Hannover 96 screensaver is perfect if your screen need a break and you want to enjoy large-format images of your favourite football club and be brought up to date. The Hanover 96-screensaver has many useful features, such as Hannover 96 - so stay such as a practical watch, a clear calendar, and the newsletter of the Association that you keep up to date and your Club are very close.

The most important functions of the Hannover 96 Bildschrimschoners

• Slide show with large photos
• Integrated newsletter
• Handy clock and calendar display
• Fast download
• Easy installation
• High quality of images by great resolution

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