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HackTheGame 1.21 is a cool simulation for anyone who would like to play hacker.



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HackTheGame 1.21

Once be hacker - and that's without doing anything really something illegal. That allows the simulation of HackTheGame 1.21. You assume the role of a hacker, and will get assigned to your tasks by email. It all happens in a window of your screen that looks like an old terminal. Green letters on a black background and a flashing cursor waiting for your input. The illusion of HackTheGame 1.21 is perfect, and who caught taking it can feel like a true hacker.

The requirements of HackTheGame 1.21 are doing harder. Get included, yet the IP addresses, ports, and access data with the first orders so you don't have to get even after more and more information. Luckily the appropriate tools available are for HackTheGame 1.21 you, and you will slowly brought to your chores so that you have a good chance at a successful life as a hacker with a little skill. But be careful! Also your opponents with HackTheGame 1.21 not sleep and try to catch you with your attacks. Thus, you're working against the time and must have done your job in HackTheGame 1.21, before you get caught by the back tracer. So always remember, to remove your IP address from the Telnet Protocol, otherwise you're on!

With meet the individual missions to HackTheGame 1.21, these are becoming increasingly difficult. Once you need to download only one file in the first mission, the next task is even more challenging, because you now only need to find the correct port through which you can sign up to the foreign computer. Luckily you downloaded exactly necessary program with your first mission, so that you can now do a portscan. So the missions to HackTheGame 1.21 build after each other, and you get more and more tools at hand to accomplish the tasks. But the best even try HackTheGame 1.21. You can do it directly from our page about the download function. And no, you don't have to hack our site before, it is also so.

Features of HackTheGame 1.21

• Simulation
• Act as a hacker and Scout out other systems
• Steal passwords, files, and secret documents
• Verwische your tracks
• Free freeware
• For Win98/98SE/2000/ME/XP

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HackTheGame 1.21 is a development of the Dutchman of E. Wenners, developed under the pseudonym chaozz various small tools and games. All developments by Rajesh is available as freeware.

Description of the version: HackTheGame 1.21

In the new version of HackTheGame, you're a hacker who hack in a dimly lit environment by different systems. Of course you can't mark no this. These are various tools, such as for example port scanner, Telnet password cracker etc. The new interface of the game appears as a 1980s terminal with a green font. You will receive your orders by mail. In addition, the tasks of time become difficult to time.

Features of the new version of HackTheGame

• New tools, such as for example port scanner, Telnet, password cracker, ping etc.
• 80s monitor (green font on black background)
• Required operating system: Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

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