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Gym-O-Fizz is a training opportunity as you can keep fit loose and simple way.



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Gym-O-Fizz can be tuned to each individual personally, so that training is most effective. Very practical at the gym-O-Fizz is that you can't forget it. A built-in timer periodically reminds you when it's time for a little lesson. Do you know the feeling when you sitting in front of your computer in the Office and the back is slowly braced? It is not only ready, you put single breaks with gym-O-Fizz. Just on the work would not sweat it but also please. The respective exercises take only very shortly, which is why it is not particularly demanding and one has always the time left. You have to so no extra before change in sports clothing, you can get started immediately. You save not only during the training period, but also in the preparation.

Gym-O-Fizz allows one through the individual settings for an optimal training for in between. After a short sports insert, you feel better and can continue to operate motivated. Gym-O-Fizz promotes so the motivation and concentration. Special functions have support and help when you are tired. For example the eye relaxation: this gym-O-Fizz tells you in a timely manner, if you should give your eyes a break. Another feature is the vitalizer. While you relax three minutes with harmonious music and soothing images.

You can download the demo version of gym-O-Fizz for free with us. Simply click on the download button to start downloading the 30-day trial version of gym-O-Fizz.

Features of gym-O-Fizz

• Active pause
• Individual configuration
• Promoting motivation
• Prevents diseases
• Eye relaxation
• Vitalizer

Trace and opinions about gym-O-Fizz

Gym-O-Fizz is suitable for all operating systems. The fitness software designed the Office slightly more entertaining and promotes its own agility at the same time. Thus, you can prevent such as back pain or eye discomfort and requires only little time. Cartoon characters fool the exercises on the screen, while still writing explains what exactly to do. You can create different additional modules to the basic package of gym-O-Fizz. Not only many employees of different companies are enthusiastic, but also several press praise the product as a good balance.

Description of the version: Gym-o-Fizz

Gym of Fizz is an interactive program to promote fitness at home and in the Office. The latest version of the program is now even better and offers some new features. The current version uses the system font with clear type. It is now possible to turn off the interactive control (timer). The online update function is now also available, to make the program even better.

Gym-o-Fizz features some changes in version 2.2.2

• Facilitates the online update feature to keep the program up to date
• The timer can be turned off
• Uses clear type system font used
• Minor changes contribute to better serve

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