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GX: Transcoder is an allround program for converting audio and video files.



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Sometimes it is necessary to convert audio or video files in a different format, either because the MP3 player can read only a specific format or to save space on the hard disk. For the encoding of your files, you can do the GX: use transcoder.

GX: Transcoder is a freeware tool to convert audio and video files from one format to another. The program of the German Developer GermaniXSoft supports all popular audio formats and convert it for example in MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC or FLAC files. But not only for audio files, you can use the program that was previously known under the name GermaniXEncoder. Easily convert into AVI, WMV and MPEG format using the tool you can also video files.

The conversion is straightforward and fast. To do just the files you want to convert with the GX: transcoder open. The application then clearly represents the selected files in a list. In addition, you choose then the target format. After you again - checked everything, for example, whether you - select the right location and the right target format you simply click on start and the GX: transcoder converts the files. In addition to the conversion of file formats has the GX: transcoder is still some additional and practical functions. So you can both listen to the original and the converted files and immediately check whether the conversion is easily worked. Also the all-round programme brings an audio recorder to record audio files, an Internet radio receiver for online radio and a CD-Ripper - which however only works for unprotected CDs (without copy protection). The program is programmed for Windows and runs on versions of Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98. Other versions are not officially supported.

Description of the version: GX::Transcoder

Even if the current version brings no great new features, this small bug fixes very much affect the stability. Especially the update the libraries brings a noticeable performance increase when converting audio files, as well as videos. The useful additional functions, such as the audio-recorder, Media Player for Instant playback of audio and video files, as well as a CD Ripper for audio CDs - only CDs without copy protection - are of course also included in the new version and you can download it for free.

Key new features of GX: transcoder 2.24

• Updated libraries for higher performance in audio and video conversion
• Minor bug fixes
• Are free program, as well as additional functions (including CD Ripper, Media Player and audio recorder)

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