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Guitar Pro

The latest version, Guitar Pro 6 brings you important improvements and reductions in applications even more fun and efficiency in training and compose your own scores. Even at first glance, you will notice that the application registers are clear.

On the left side of the screen of the Guitar Pro 6 programme are several application Resgister, you can use to set the clock, clef and key signature at the beginning. Using the keyboard, the notes are written in Guitar Pro 6. If you want to, put several tones each other no matter if in the same voice, or in the complete, you can enable simply there the write cursor with the mouse where you want to insert the corresponding notes. At the same time, up to eight audio tracks can be written in Guitar Pro 6.

Furthermore, you can change the note value, change the tempo, and select the instrument voice. The sound quality of the new Guitar Pro has improved a lot 6 version in their authentic sound. You can take the individual votes in Guitar Pro 6 with different instrument sounds. To give more impetus to the piece, you can accompany the score also with drums or triangle.

Especially Guitar Pro 6 for the learning and training of your own compositions or pieces inserted you ideal. Is a new feature of Guitar Pro 6, you can label an individually framed part of the score and the program is always back in a row playing this part. So must you constantly interrupt your play during difficult passages, to reset the play cursor, but you can focus on the challenging bars. Further progress of the new Guitar Pro 6 software is the ability to back up your composition with lyrics. With the separator, the word pieces sit down at intervals according to just below the respective notes. Guitar Pro 6 can open multiple tabs at the same time 5 as opposed to Guitar Pro so that you open side by side can see your current projects, without call it individually to the menu.

The main improvements of the new Guitar Pro 6:

• Extended desktop
• Large improvements in the score and tab features in the latest version
• Extension of the instrument sounds and tremendous improvement of in sound quality
• Parallel work on several projects
• All the scores on your home printer printable
• Ideal for beginners and advanced

Now also for Mac OS:

Up to the fourth version, the Guitar Pro software developed in France only for Microsoft Windows was available. But today, Guitar Pro 6 is available both for Windows and Mac OS.

Description of the version: Guitar Pro

The current version of Guitar Pro can waiting for your musical ideas with many important innovations. This software can completely convince you in every function - as score player, tablature editor and as a background player. The tools for editing and the sound settings according to the instrument have been improved, including also the proven user interface has been optimized again. The notation elements are now better organized and the sound more realistic possible.

The most important innovations in the current version of Guitar Pro.

• improved user interface and user friendliness
• Notation elements are arranged in a structured
• optimized playback capabilities
• Automation processes can be managed better
• Soundboard is available in a global view

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